How to read Economic Calendar for Beginners 2022

Currency pairs don't move by themselves; they have to be moved by economic events. This is a reality from which you can exploit when you figure out how to peruse and comprehend an economic calendar. Below we have provided a total guideline on how to use Economic Calendar to pursue better result in forex trading. 

30 June 2020 | AtoZ MarketsBefore opening a trading platform, a trader should look at the economic calendar to see what fundamental events are coming this week. The economic calendar helps traders to identify the major forex market events and also help them to earn money or safe their capital from unwanted aggressive movements.

What Is an Economic Calendar?

An Economic Calendar is also known as a forex calendar. An economic calendar is simply a date order list of economic data points released by the government and individual agencies. Forex calendar is used to "monitor market-moveable instance", according to Wikipedia. For instance, a portion of these organizations would be:

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics (publishes US economic data)
  • Eurostat (publishes EU economic data)
  • Office for National Statistics (publishes UK economic data)
  • IHS Markit (Releases PMI data for most of the countries in the world)

These are just yet a couple of the numerous agencies that publish economic data. Here we have come up with an example of a free calendar of Forex Factory:

Economic Calendar

How to Read Economic Calendar Properly

Economic calendars array the dates and probability influence of predetermined national and international events that may perhaps to get into the price and popularity of certain assets and markets. The date and characteristic of every event over an economic calendar may use as a trading indicator to maximize profit probability.

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The highest obliging indicators are made through revolved news events. This news has portended effects on trading extent and intuition. Scheduled proclamation dates for extensively considered market statistics and surveys are example. Also, extrapolate events like federal decisions on inflation trade balances and interest rates.

Even though other international events also may influence market volatility. The economic impact and timeline of unaccompanied events are less assured; hence it may be tenacious to trade.

Economic Calendars

There are a lot of free online attainable versions of economic calendars out there. But entitled trading platforms prefer to give account holders access to a more swift and all-enclose calendar.

You must keep in mind the suitability or relevance of the events on the calendar to your selected market or markets before selecting an economic calendar at random. Because in existence, forex trading is international. Therefore, having a calendar that can accommodate you to fix custom qualification inference and also refine outcomes through country and currency used will be beneficial.

The given description of an event by the maximum economic calendars tends to be concise. Despite the description being concise, it provides value for 'Actual', 'Forecasted' and 'Previous'. The portended number is revealed either as a currency value or as a percentage. Which represents the market dominance of positive or negative the event is extrapolated to have.

By the direction of a news event, this number invades trading intuition and characteristics. The changes recorded after the last news event of this nature mean 'Previous'. And tracking the objective price move that happens to chase the event in question means 'Actual'. Your calendar may provide some hinterland on every event and compare recent market accomplishments against portended values.

Economic Calendar - AtoZ Markets

Beyond giving this essential knowledge, a progressively refined economic calendar will permit you to filter results by significance to your selected markets and assist you with assessing the impact of every event, given your particular capability standard.

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By customizing an economic calendar, you can easily select currency pairs of your choice or markets you like to trade on. You can also filter events by currency and relation with your selected market.

Economic Calendar - AtoZ Markets

Most Significant Economic Events in Forex

Not all economic events have a significant impact on the forex market. There are two events, which are the most important and most effective.

  1. Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) report
  2. Central Bank Interest Rate Decisions

1. Non-Farm Payroll

Non-farm payroll tracks the U.S. employment rate for the majority of the U.S. labour force. For instance, self-employed person, farmers, loss-making businesses, federal intelligence and military factions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released these reports on the first Friday of every single month.

NFP reports show data on the number of new employment has created after the last month's reports, the total national jobless rate and the national labour force participation rate. Besides, the quantity of Americans who are effectively looking for employment or had lucratively utilised.

Each of the three measurements is viewed as a pointer to the country's general financial wellbeing. Also, significantly affect both market discernment and the overall estimation of the U.S. dollar.

2. Central Bank Interest Rate Decision

In the United States, the national bank alludes to the Federal Reserve, otherwise known as the Fed. In the whole world, there are a total of seven several major banks, such as Bank of England, the European Central Bank, Swiss National Bank, Bank of Japan, Bank of Australia, Bank of Canada and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

These major banks interest rate decisions affect forex traders risk or reward while taking a conferred currency or holding a position. Preset interest rate decisions or report declarations by any of these major banks will undoubtedly impact trading psychology and increment market unpredictability for related forex pairs.

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Utilising Fundamental Events as Trading Tools

Begin through picking a significant currency pair to underwrite on news events, which is probably going to be impacted by a significant news event. For instance, utilising the NFP report as an indicator, you should search out a significant USD currency pair in light of the fact that NFP is a proportion of U.S. markets.

Figuring out in which direction to trade-in is a bit more nuanced after you allocate a currency pair. Metaphrase this information in the strand of your other technical indicators and sagacity rather than placing orders only based on foretold numbers or market tendency.

Analyze the current market pattern, quality, and direction and assess support and resistance levels paving the way to the news event and promptly following. On the off chance that a news event has foreseen to uncover positive market knowledge. You may see a precarious flood in price action before the news publish and witness a steep plunge if the news deceives conventional expectancy.

Similarly, as with any keen trading strategy timing is main. Day traders may hope to benefit from price volatility brought about by market aptitudes paving the way to significant events. However, longer-term trading techniques will result in general kindness those with an increasing traditionalist methodology.

By waiting to go into a position until following the event has happened, traders can exploit the volatility brought about by the event and utilise the actual versus-forecasted values favour to anticipate responsive market movement.


The economic calendar is very important for forex traders. They can pre-plan their trade by keeping in mind the events. Moreover, the economic events also can harm your trading account as they can move the market hundreds of pips in just a matter of seconds. So, always try to do money management to prevent these types of unwanted surprises.

Should beginners use the economic calendar on their own at all?

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