Clever DeFi (CLVA) Token Analysis: Price Performance Indicates a Strong Incoming Surge

May 6, 2021 | AtoZ Markets The traditional banking system has served people well over the years, but at one point, its users started realizing its flaws. Issues like centralization and greed of those running banks and financial companies have always led to financial crises and money loss for those who trusted these institutions, and such incidents have led to people seeking alternatives. That is how the crypto industry itself was born, in the first place.

The cryptosphere believes that the time of traditional banking has to change eventually, and evolve into a digital age using blockchain technology. What’s more, it needs to stop being centralized, and embrace decentralized systems. In some regions, such as the Caribbean, this has already started. In others, it has yet to come.

Old traditional bank savings accounts themselves come with a variety of issues, such as:

  1. Having to trust a centralized body
  2. Potential backscene government corruption
  3. Bail-in laws that allow banks to take users’ money
  4. Low savings interest at only a 2% per year, on average

To combat this, a number of projects emerged, eventually creating the entire DeFi sector. Clever DeFi is one of the projects making up the sector, but also one extremely worth users’ attention, for it is the world’s 1st fully autonomous compound interest paying protocol that guarantees set interest payouts to its token holders. Everything is pre-coded into its smart contract, including interest rates, dates, cycles, and more, all in a fully decentralized manner.

Clever DeFi solves the mentioned issues found in traditional finance by:

  1. Letting the users own their own CLVA holdings, keys, and wallet
  2. It is a pure DeFi protocol, with no team tokens, no initial supply, or pre-minted tokens of any kind.
  3. No lock-ins, staking, or special terms. Users simply get to own their own crypto, with no conditions, and they can do with it whatever they want.
  4. Guaranteed compound interest every 2 weeks of 307% per year
  5. No gas fees at all

Naturally, a project with terms like these has attracted a lot of interest very quickly, and it reflects on its token price and performance.

CLVA Token Set to Skyrocket

According to recent data, Clever DeFi (CLVA) has seen a rather promising price performance in April. More than that, it hints at great things to come later in this year.

The project started the month with a price of $7.8 on April 1st, only to move up over the course of the following week and nearly double its price by reaching $14.39. After that, it corrected for the next two weeks, dropping to $6.07 by April 24th. This was followed by another rapid surge only a few days ago, on April 26th. Since then, the project once again slightly corrected.

However, this performance indicates the creation of an ascending triangle, where the growth has been consistent over time, with the coin even having some fake break-down bear traps along the way. In the next few months, its price is expected to keep surging further and further up, indicating that new opportunities to earn will arrive for its holders.

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