How to calculate Bitcoin Cash Value after BCH launch

Bitcoin split is around the corner. How do you calculate Bitcoin Cash Value after BCH launch?

31 July, Bitcoin news - Enough with the rumors! Leader of the best crytpocurrency list - Bitcoin digital currency team is finally splitting. The While the 1st of August 2017 is the BCH launch date, many investors still wonder about how to calculate Bitcoin cash value and how it will impact the BTC prices. What will be the value of the new BCH cryptocurrency? BCH management is yet to officially announce it.

Despite Bitcoin investors' expectation BCH launch will not bring free BCH tokens with itself. Yet, we still are expecting to learn how to calculate Bitcoin cash value after the BCH launch. However, consumers (those owning BTC) will receive the new BCH tokens at no additional cost.

Bitcoin Cash Value after BCH launch

After the BCH launch, every Bitcoin holder should receive Bitcoin Cash tokens at a 1:1 ratio. That means for every Bitcoin you own you should expect to receive 1 Bitcoin Cash tokens. You can instantly exchange these Bitcoin Cash tokens to either Bitcoin or USD or any other exchangeable counterpart on supporting exchanges.

"I believe that BCH will be similar to Ethereum Classic case. However, it is certain that Bitcoin Cash Value after BCH launch will be very volatile. Investors indeed can expect sudden spike and then a major sell off. So, investing or trading with fear could damage your end results." Yagub Rahimov commented.

Investors should expect to see sudden volatility in BCH and Bitcoin prices. Bitcoin Cash value after the BCH launch will be deducted from the Bitcoin prices. Assuming that Bitcoin costs $2790 at the moment, after BCH launch may the Bitcoin Cash Value be $350, then the Bitcoin price should drop to $2440. In another word, deduct the BCH value from Bitcoin price. Meanwhile, Bitcoin cash futures are currently trading at $275 on ViaBTC exchange.

How to calculate Bitcoin Cash Value after BCH launch?

How to calculate Bitcoin Cash Value after BCH launch is among the most written queries at the moment. As we wrote in the Bitcoin price forecast article, price of cryptocurrencies (not like the Fiat money) determined by supply and demand. Unless people try to sell Bitcoin cash immediately after the BCH launch, we should expect to see the Bitcoin Cash value to rise.

Since, many investors are not sure about how to interpret Bitcoin split, we probably will see a strong sell off and buy back. Thus, Bitcoin and BCH prices should fluctuate at the beginning.

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