Basic Guide to Forex Scalping for Beginners

Forex scalping for beginners is the guidelines to ensure the overall profit. As the process of scalping is to make a quick profit, there are risks that a trader may face. So, traders need to be careful about the risk before entering the trade. There are several things a trader needs to consider like market context, volatility, market volume, uncertainty, etc.

November 04, 2019, | AtoZ Markets There are many styles of forex trading, whose characteristics can be very different. Those trading dimensions are based on price action, indicators, a combination of both harmonic, VSA or scalping. Now a trader should have in mind what trading method that him most. This article will elaborate on the Forex Scalping for Beginners- Basic Guide. 

What is Forex Scalping?

Scalping is doing thousands of trades within a short trading period. Scalpers target price gaps and other short-term trading opportunities that allow them to turn quickly turn. Forex scalping is a risky strategy in which the trader enters multiple positions in a short time frame with the expectation of small gains.

Scalping is a popular method of Intraday Trading for its ease and psychological comfort. In a scalping strategy, the profit is realized as soon as possible. On the other hand, holding a position for the longer term is stressful and difficult for novice traders. With scalping, trades are rarely last more than five minutes. The multiple short-term profits ensure a version of instant pleasure.

In the Scalping strategy, fundamental tools rarely work as it involves smaller time frames. However, Spread in the only problem while applying technical analysis. In a shorter time frame, the profits are smaller and there is a risk of sharing the profit with spread. Technical analysis meds work similarly at every timeframe.

But in a 5-minute chart, it causes the problem with the spread. The scalpers always face a disadvantage in comparison to the long-term trader. In that case, the trader must have a strategy with better accuracy.

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There are three characteristics of scalping strategies:

  1. Short positions
  2. Small profit margins
  3. High levels of leverageForex scalping for beginners

Forex Scalping for Beginners - Basic Guide

As the Forex scalping is associated with a huge risk, It's recommended to start with a large amount of capital. Opening and closing larger positions allow to reduce the marginal costs of trading and maximize potential gains. However, there are some risks in the forex market due to the nature of the market. Although these risks are not completely applicable for the shorter time frame, a trader must keep in mind the risk associated with trading.

 Risk of Forex Scalping for Beginners

The Big investment firms, Banks, Financial Institutions, Hedge Funds are the main participants of the forex market. The trading volume of the retail traders has less impact on the movement of the price compared to them. So any market predictions or analysis by a retail trader may not work every time.

So before proceeding to start trading, the scalper should keep in mind about the uncertainty associated with the forex market.

 Volume in Forex Market

The volume measurement in the Forex market the measurement of how much price moves within a certain time. It does involve how many buying and selling transactions are needed to make that price move.

The Forex market is decentralized. There is no formula for keeping track of the number of contracts and contract sizes. In a stock market, such measurement is very easy to calculate. The Forex market calculates the volume by counting the tick movements.

 Market Context

Before starting a trade, it is obvious to know the market structure. Sometimes the market moves smoothly within a specific trend. But sometimes the market moves nowhere in an uncertain situation. Moreover, there are many important support and resistance levels in the market. In this guideline about Forex scalping for beginners, A scalper should keep in mind that breaking an important level might create a smooth direction in the longer timeframe as well as in a smaller time frame.

Forex scalping for beginners

Scalping strategies and techniques

In scalping, there are ways to make money. A successful scalper tries to work out support and resistance, price patterns, and technical indicator signals. The scalper should focus on the various time frame interval charts, such as the one-minute and five-minute charts.

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Scalpers use momentum indicators, such as RSI, stochastic oscillator, moving average convergence divergence (MACD) oscillator. 

Forex scalping for beginners

 The most common scalping technique is simply using the market's time and decide where and when to make trades.

Another method is to have a specific profit target amount per trade that should be relative to the price. Traders should track stocks breaking out to new daily highs or lows and employ Level to capture the maximum profit. Lastly, some traders follow the news and trade based on present or upcoming events during the market volatility.

 How scalping works

A scalping is better described as an assumption that the price will complete the first stage of a movement in a short period. When trading, scalpers make a profit from the changes in an asset's bid-ask spread. So, it is fair to say that scalping takes advantage of market volatility. The scalp trader buys a currency pair when the spread between the bid and the ask narrows. Conversely, the scalper sells when the spread is wider than usual, with the ask higher and the bid lower than it should be.

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The scalping lends itself to trading spreads as a general preference, in an attempt to magnify profits over the shorter time frame. It should be noted that losses can be magnified equally in the CFD or margin trading environment. Many brokers allow leverage that traders can scalper to trade in their chart.

Cost of Scalping

As scalpers take frequency of trades, cost becomes an important consideration. In the intraday chart, the scalping technique is often applied to shares. But in the forex market, it finds prevalence due to the lower costs of trading. Spread costs for indices and forex are generally lower than the share (CFD) trading. This is also applicable to commissions charges associated. Cost is a trader’s first obstacle towards making a profit. As scalping is a high-frequency trading technique, costs of trading are compounded.

 Timing of Scalping

Scalping the market means works on a ‘quick in, quick out’ approach. The nature of this type of trading requires a trader’s whole attention. When a trader is looking for fast-moving opportunities. It is considered to allocate continual time, whether that is during the day, the night, or just a few hours.

Risk versus reward

As the scalper is looking to take small profits from the market, the trader should maintain profitability with a high hit rate. Having a high hit rate seems an undeniable necessity for trading. It does not automatically relate to profitability.

If profits are small but regular, a loss that is not managed can become large. It’s therefore crucial for scalpers to understand risk management, and they should be strict about their exit strategy.

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Managing a risk that’s no bigger than the anticipated reward is counted prudent in trading. If a trader can learn this risk metric and gain a hit rate greater than 50%. Then he or she will be a profitable trader.

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