Who are AtoZ Markets Crypto Exchanges and Blockchain Awards 2020 Winners?

AtoZMarkets.com announces the winners of AtoZ Markets Crypto Exchanges and Blockchain 2020. Check out which exchange our readers prefer the most.

24 February, 2020 – A new category AtoZ Markets Crypto Exchanges and Blockchain Awards 2020 demonstrates the growth of cryptocurrencies space based on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. This award recognises genuine innovation within the space, rather than the latest novelty coin or questionable investment offering. Winners will be doing something unique rather than following the latest trend, applying the technology to new areas and being able to provide a practical application with successful outcomes.

Today, AtoZMarkets.com is proud to announce the winners of AtoZ Markets Crypto Exchanges and Blockchain Awards 2020. Here is the complete list of winners:

  • Best Crypto Trading Company award: CryptoRocket
  • Best DEX award: DEX
  • Best Crypto Newcomer: SafeCurrency
  • Best Blockchain Accelerator Program: Iconic Lab
  • Best Cryptocurrency News Website: CoinDesk
  • 2020 Crypto Exchange of the Year: Binance
  • Best Fiat to Crypto exchange: Kraken
  • Most International Crypto Exchange: Binance
  • Best Customer Support Team: BitFinex
  • Best Blockchain Platform: GCF Genesis Capital Group Corporation

How AtoZ Markets Conducted the Voting Round 

The nomination was performed in line with multiple assessments, based on the following criteria:

  • Trader survey;
  • Interviews with the Crypto Exchanges and Blockchain space;
  • Qualitative forums assessment;
  • Information presented on company websites.

Winners were determined by popular votes casted on AtoZMarkets.com website on a daily basis.

Multibank Review
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eToro Review
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Capital.com Review
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The voting was open to everyone on AtoZMarkets for voting during four weeks window, from 20th January 2020 till 20th February 2020 midnight 24:00. Each voter could choose only one nominee per category and/or skip any given category. A vote was based on unique IP, where each could cast up to 1 vote in 24 hours. In order to avoid any wrongdoing, the system was designed to exclude votes casted via Tor browsers, IP changing plugins and any other temporary IP providing platforms. If you want to view the winners in all the other categories, then visit them as per the list below:

About AtoZ Markets

AtoZForex (rebranded to AtoZ Markets) was established in December 2014. Its portal has been committed to providing unbiased information to all industry participants, following its motto “All you need in Forex”. In December 2015, the team implemented the first ever broker approval process via its AtoZ Broker Review Directory, helping traders and investors to choose reliable Forex firms. The approval process is therefore based on traders’ experience, AtoZMarkets questionnaire, and financial regulators. Later, in 2019, the team launched a Crypto Exchanges Reviews directory to help crypto investors and traders to choose the best crypto platform as per their requirement.


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