Top 5 Bitcoin CFD Brokers in 2024

Bitcoin CFD Brokers are a subsidiary monetary instrument that permits traders to put resources into BTC without really owning it. Extremely well known among investors for hedging risk in unpredictable markets. Bitcoin CFD broker permits traders to speculate on the ascending or declining values of Bitcoin. 

A Bitcoin CFD broker empowers investors to take advantage of bitcoin's profits and risks without really owning the coin. Investors who really hold bitcoin can likewise utilize short selling Bitcoin CFD exchanges to balance the misfortunes in their bitcoin portfolios, whatever Bitcoin values are descending.

Although we do not recommend CFD trading to our readers without expert guidance or deep knowledge of the market, however, for the informational purpose you should know the best Bitcoin CFD Brokers in the market. Our team did an intensive research about the brokers and figured out some of them in the list below.

Before we jump into the list, let's know about CFD trading in simple terms.

What is CFD Trading?

CFD represents the Contract for Difference, and it is a type of subordinate investment and trading methodology. However, the principle thought behind utilizing CFD trading is to profit from the value changes of the fundamental resource without really owning it. Besides, the term Contact for Difference implies the distinction between the values where the trader enters and end an exchange.

Furthermore, CFD trading is encouraged through cryptocurrency brokers where the broker regularly offers margin open doors too to the customers to expand leverage. Besides, to have the option to speculate more on the fundamental resource. At the point, when a trader goes into a CFD trade, it at first beginnings with a loss because of the spread gained up by the broker. So, as to gain profit on the CFD position, the value movement must surpass this spread. Therefore, the future desire of the trader ought to be that the value of the underlier goes up or down at any price that much, which will cover the expense of the spread.

Top 5 Bitcoin CFD Brokers

The top five Bitcoin CFD brokers in this list are the best cryptocurrency brokers, who give excellent support to their clients and provides huge leverages. Top five Bitcoin CFD Brokers are:

  1. MultiBank
  2. XTB
  3. Plus500
  4. eToro
  5. AvaTrade

1. MultiBank

MultiBank Group (consist of several companies) is a financial derivatives firm based in California that offers services to over 90 countries. Established in 2005, they are one of the largest providers worldwide with paid-up capital currently at $322 million dollars! MultiBank Group delivers advanced trading platforms and tight pricing in online financial products, including Forex, Metals, Shares, Commodities, Indices and Cryptocurrencies.

Multibank offers Crypto-Fiat pairs for trading. For example, they have BTC/USD (Bitcoin), ETH/USD(Etherium), LTC/USD (LiteCoin), RPL/USD (Ripple) and more.

MultiBank bitcoin cfd

image credit: MultiBank

MultiBank Group is comprised of several entities that are heavily regulated across 5 continents by 10 financial regulators worldwide across various jurisdictions, guaranteeing investor protection.

2. XTB

José Mourinho (the famed Portuguese football manager) is the global brand ambassador for XTB, one of the world's largest forex and CFDs brokers. Over 2100 products are available, including forex, indices, commodities, stock CFDs, and ETF CFDs.

The company's headquarters are located in Warsaw, Poland. This broker, which was founded in 2005, has offices in 13 countries, including the United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, France, and Chile.

XTB is multi licensed, the Forex broker is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 522157) with its registered and trading office at Level 34, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, E14 5AA, London, United Kingdom (company number 07227848). Other than that, XTB as a group is also regulated by the authorities including the KNF, IFSC, CMB and FSCA. Last but not least, the company was established in 2002, and by their record it shows that they served over 389,000 customers.

XTB allows you to trade Crypto using CFDs, which means you don't actually possess the cryptocurrency in your wallet. Instead, you use a Contract For Difference to exchange cryptocurrency. The number of Crypto CFDs available at XTB is limited; in all, 14 different Crypto CFDs are available, ranging from Bitcoin to Dogecoin and others.

XTB crypto CFD

image credit: XTB

3. Plus500

Plus500 is a leading Bitcoin CFD broker. Besides, it allows the trader to trade on forex, commodities, stocks, indexes, and other cryptocurrency CFDs. They have an exceptionally great position in Europe with the most measure of CFD brokers. However, the organization is based out of Isreal and serving the CFD needs of clients around the globe since 2009. Likewise, it is an FCA regulated organization listed on the London Stock Exchange. Therefore, professional traders can trust this platform to trade CFDs of any kind, especially cryptos, and expect to get decent liquidity. Furthermore, you can fund your Plus500 account with a credit card or Skrill account and expect it to not go to zero because of the negative balance protection in place.

Bitcoin CFD Brokers - AtoZ Markets

4. eToro

eToro is another Isreal based Bitcoin CFD broker organization working in this position for over ten years. Besides, they know everything about this game boasts of having five million or more clients.

In any case, this crypto broker doesn't serve US clients because of administrative obstructions. However, if you are from any other nation who needs to begin with Bitcoin CFD trading, eToro is the best approach. You can exchange here utilizing your money, which can be immediately deposited utilizing your Mastercard, PayPal, ACH, or wire transfers.

Bitcoin CFD Brokers - AtoZ Markets

5. AvaTrade

AvaTrade is one of the ideal Bitcoin CFD broker serving the markets sectors since 2006 with its creative web-based exchanging instruments. Therefore, it is nothing unexpected that they are one of the pioneers in Bitcoin CFD as well. Besides, it has situated out of Ireland and controlled by the Irish law, explicitly the national bank of Ireland, which regulates CFD and forex brokers.

Bitcoin CFD Brokers - AtoZ Markets

Advantages of Trading With Bitcoin CFD Brokers

There are lots of advantages of trading with Bitcoin CFD brokers:

  • Speed: Bitcoin CFD trading is a moment. Keep in mind; you are not exchanging real Bitcoin. You are exchanging a covenant. The exchange is executed right away, at the ideal value.
  • You can trade both ways long/short: On the off chance that you are bearish on bitcoin, you can execute short bitcoin CFD trade. In the event that you are bullish on bitcoin, you can execute a long CFD bitcoin trade. Regardless of the value momentum, you can at the present profit, given that you guess the real value pattern.
  • Fiat currency: You can exchange a bitcoin CFD utilizing fiat currencies. In any case, if you would prefer to exchange utilizing cryptocurrency, many crypto brokers acknowledge digital payments/cryptocurrency payments.
  • Leverage: The same as some other CFD items, a bitcoin CFD is leveraged. That empowers you to control a bigger position and can prompt more prominent returns. In any case, it can likewise expand your expected misfortunes.

Bitcoin CFDs vs Bitcoin Futures

CFDs and futures sound fundamentally the same. Besides, numerous new traders accept they are indistinguishable. However, there are a few differences between the two items:

To begin with, while futures have a particular expiry date, CFDs don't. A CFD can be held for whatever length of time that the terms of the agreement permit. Also, there's no compelling reason to settle it on a particular date. In addition, when the CFD is liquidated, the distinction in value will be determined and paid to the suitable party. Furthermore, CFDs are additionally simpler to direct and have a lower hindrance to entry than futures. Usually, futures will, in general exchange on huge trades and have a higher least commitment. Since these agreements are intended to be utilized by institutional investors.


During Bitcoin CFD trading, you can profit by the fluctuation of the Bitcoin prices rapidly with high leverage. In any case, as you don't own directly any Bitcoin, you need to believe the Bitcoin CFD brokers and use them for Bitcoin CFD trading, both in terms of payouts and values. Ensure you select a Bitcoin CFD Brokers admirably. As we recommended above, you can trust these Bitcoin CFD brokers because they have a good reputation on the industry and can provide you with the best leverage deals.

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