EURUSD Signals for Profitable Forex Trading

Do EURUSD signals really work? Where to get reliable EURUSD forex signals? Signals are one of the best systems for obtaining investment indications and we will deal with it in today's guide by informing you immediately that AtoZ Markets offers you one of the best free forex signals EURUSD. 

What are Forex signals?

As you may know, one of the best ways to understand a chart's trend is technical analysis. It is a type of analysis that uses statistics and the shape of charts to determine forecasts on future price movements.

In particular, this model is useful in Forex trading due to the high consistency demonstrated over the years between the principles of technical analysis and the trend of currency pairs. Forex signals are tools that automatically perform, thanks to the algorithms with which they are programmed, calculations on the charts to identify good trading opportunities.

This means that in theory they make the analysis that is up to the trader much faster, as part of it is already carried out automatically by the software. The signals are now also replaced by equally useful and sometimes more immediate services, such as the investment indications of AtoZ Markets via Whatsapp, a system certainly useful for those who want to trade and get information and maybe rely on something more solid and modern. of classic signals.

Types of forex signals

How many types of forex signals are there? There are basically two categories of signals:

Manual Forest signals

When using manual Forex signals, a trader has to sit in front of the computer for a long period of time looking for signals to make the final decision whether to buy or sell a certain currency.

Decisions made by a trader are all based on the trader's own interpretation, and this can be a potentially time-consuming process. The use of these Forex trading signals has an interdependent connection with manual trading.

A human trader is able to evaluate the foreign exchange market in a way that robots cannot - he can see when it is moving unpredictably, and thus is able to withdraw from trading. A trader has certain skills and experience and is not limited to just codes and programmed settings such as automatic systems so that he can feel that certain trades will be profitable or not.

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Automatic Forex signals

Automatic FX signals are signals where the trader only asks the software to look for certain signals to look for. The human psychological stress involved in the process is completely excluded. As a result, the software automatically interprets which stock to choose: i.e. buy or sell a currency pair. Trading in this way can be quite accurate, provided the program has been completed correctly and by a true professional.

Forex trading robots can process far more data than a human FX trader. This means that you are personally able to handle several currency pairs at a time, and you will also be able to monitor as many charts as you want 24/7 without missing any significant signals. However, applying the most successful signals is often achieved by using a hybrid of both types, which is what most Forex gurus do.

Manual or automatic forex signals?

We want to summarize the difference between automatic and manual signals. Automatic signals are typically sent automatically by the software and therefore are unreliable and very risky.

Manual forex signals, therefore, remain the best as those sent by real professionals. It is easy to see why. They are sent by a professional who analyzes the markets at that moment even when sudden news occurs.

They are not linked to automatic robots and therefore it is possible to use them or ignore them or use them to compare the forecast with your own strategy. Furthermore, a manual signal can be used with less risk regardless of the strategy you are using and therefore with numerous advantages.

EURUSD forex signals

Many traders are looking for EURUSD signals, one of the most traded forex pair. In reality, the technical analysis on this currency pair highlights how it is very difficult to obtain reliable signals on this currency cross as it is altered by the countless news.

This is why many professionals often use fundamental analysis while paying attention to economic news relating to the various countries that make up the European Union and are in the Euro.

It is therefore advisable to use forex signals EURUSD only if you already have experience and have developed specific strategies on this pair.

Example of EURUSD forex signals

Let's see an  example of trading EURUSD signals:

Typically, a signal is a very short message containing only basic elements and looks like this:

  • Sell EUR/USD at 1.1609;
  • SL at 1.1606;
  • TP at 1.1612.

What does this mean?

Point 1: The signal clearly indicates to sell gold against US dollars. The market entry price is 1.1609, so a sell order must be entered at this price.

Point 2: Stop loss (SL). Since it is a sell signal, the stop loss must be placed above the entry price.

Point 3: TP stands for taking profit. The take profit must be placed below the entry price.

If the signal does not include a chart, the information probably shows the current price of the instrument. By reading it, you will understand if the signal is still valid.

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How to find the best free forex signals EURUSD?

Finding the best EURUSD forex signals provider for you will be a daunting task and a constant reason. There are thousands to choose from and some of them may be Forex scams.

To begin with, a distinction must be made between choosing the best free forex signals EURUSD as well as the best paid EURUSD signals. This is a vital first step as a result of their truly 2 different products that are difficult to compare directly.

We can then test some key knowledge from the signal providers. This will include the cost of subscribing to paid forex trading signals, seniority, and having a verified record. This is often one of the most essential things to look for as a Forex signal provider. Results must be verified by an independent third-party and produced for the general public.

It will even be necessary to look at a few EURUSD forex signals reviews in order to have a transparent plan of what real users consider the services they subscribe to.

With all this information gathered, you will begin evaluating the best free forex signals EURUSD for you. However, caution remains suggested. There will definitely be sentences that seem too smart to be true, which, as you can imagine, implies that they are sometimes. Also, be wary of any grand guarantees of high earnings and returns (especially if they additionally claim to be of low risk).

You want proof. Search their websites for proven backtests and be very careful before starting yourself.

Forex trading strategies and signals

As we just said, the choice of signals depends on your goals and your account, but the strategy also influences the decision. There are companies that provide signals suitable for specific strategies.

Companies know that the strategy has a strong impact on Forex trading and they provide specific signals for certain strategies.


Let's think about EURUSD scalping signals: opening small positions for a short time is the key to this strategy. All the EURUSD scalping signals that aim to interest this type of trader must be in the short term, no more than an hour. In addition, the entry and exit prices will be very close to each other. In addition, they could detail more take profit to allow the trader to decide how much to earn as the trend evolves.

Intraday trading

Intraday trading assumes that one opens a position and closes it before the next day. So a good signal can be based on longer times such as hours, 4 hours or daily. The difference between the entry and exit price will probably be based on fundamental analysis: if an economically important event is planned, the difference between entry and exit could be large.

Trading swing

In general swing trading, it is based on technical analysis, so the signals must emphasize a precise trend or an indicator that signals the change in the market. Positions can be held for more than a day, so the distance between the entry and exit price can vary significantly.

What will be the future of Forex EURUSD signals?

For the moment we cannot yet know what will happen to Forex signals in the future: they could reinvent themselves and find great popularity again or be completely replaced by social trading.

What is certain, however, is that over time algorithms and artificial intelligence will have more and more space within the world of speculation.

This is easily seen from the trend that is already emerging in recent years, in which large institutional investors rely more on technology than on forecasting models generated by humans. Even the world of social trading, to be honest. is implementing this type of solutions: thanks to AI it is becoming possible to create funds of traders to copy that is selected directly for their probability of success in a certain context.

The forex trading signals, especially those managed by larger Autochartist, will have to implement more and more intelligent algorithms to keep pace in a context that is so highly competitive.

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Final thoughts on EURUSD signals

In conclusion, we can certainly say that Forex signals services are a valid addition to trading, but they must be implemented with awareness.

For this, you should always choose to contact a service that has a success story behind it; the ones we have pointed out are the most virtuous examples within a rather large world.

Also, you should always try to use Forex signals as a way to tickle your curiosity to find out what is behind those signals, why they were created, and how they can make a difference. Over time, in fact, the best thing that can happen to a trader is to be profitable without ever needing external services.

This condition is necessarily acquired only with experience, so you have to go through phases such as social trading, training and why not, even Forex signals such as those offered by AtoZ Markets (you need to register first). As you go through these training phases, however, staying aware of why you are doing it and what you are hoping to find at the end of the journey is crucial.