Best Day Trading Bots Review 2024

In stocks, forex or crypto, many people do day trading. Day trading bot is also getting popular day by day.  A lot of people are lured into the markets with promises of simple money with professional trading bots. A EA (also known as a trading bot) is a computerized trading software that is run on your computer and trades on behalf of the account. Making bots or EAs online is now an industry of immense scale however, before you take the dive into it, there are a lot of things to think about.

There are definitely some advantages of bot trading. However, there are some disadvantages as well. What you need to remember is that it is not always possible to make an enormous amount of money quickly. The promise of quick money is among the oldest scams that is in existence. There's the opportunity to earn money by using trading robots, and the ability to automate strategies. However, learning to automate strategies efficiently could take more than learning to trade by hand, as you must first master the art of trading first before learning how to automate strategies by using programming languages. The purchase of a program is not without risk that will be addressed in the near future.

What is a Trading Bot?

Day trading bot

There are many names for automated trading software, including Expert Advisors (EAs), robot trading, program trading, black box trading and robotic trading.

Automated software runs on a computer. It trades for the programmer. It is a program and will only accept trades that are within the parameters of the program. Programming skills are required as well as extensive trading knowledge.

EAs are built on a trading strategy. Therefore, the strategy must be easy enough to break down into simple rules that can be programmed. Programming an EA will be more difficult if it is complex.

People who purchase trading software are totally dependent on the programming and trading skills of the programmer. This is a dangerous position.

It will need to be updated from time-to-time, just like any other software. The market conditions change and trading software must be updated accordingly. The software's shelf life will be very limited if it isn't updated by someone who is knowledgeable about the subject. EAs written and maintained by skilled traders and programmers will have the best chance of sustaining profitability for the long-term. Many bots give trading signals.

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How to Find Legit Bots

✓ Unfortunately, it's very simple to slip in the trap of buying an ineffective bot, or, more dangerously downloading an application that contains malware of a certain kind. After being in the business for quite a while, we've seen almost every scam in the book, yet there's always a new one that is just right around the corner. It's sometimes more convenient to do it all by yourself, but it costs a lot in terms of time and money.

✓  A way to stay clear of such issues is to locate an application that is supported by an established and trusted firm, or even an intermediary service. It's time-consuming and a challenging job, but don't worry that this is where we can assist. We have a group of experts who are one step ahead and have already performed much of the legwork for you.

✓ Beware of any day trading bot which promises you a huge profit margin , but doesn't give real-time performance. It's usually a scam if the claim seems too good to be believed. Find out what real users are saying regarding the product.

✓ Alongside real reviews from users look up actual reviews of brokers. Check verified accounts on the myfxbook website to get the actual performance.

✓ Backtesting is a way to observe how the bot is performing. In which markets it is making a profit. It will also reveal the disadvantages and strengths of that bot. If you're not sure how to conduct backtesting or assess the backtesting results it is best to avoid the forex bots.

✓ This article's information is intended for education purposes. Remember that forex trading is considered to be one of the most risky professions around because of its volatility and leverage. AtoZ Markets is no way accountable for any information or product discussed in this article.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing The Forex Trading Bot

Before you buy the best forex trading bot you need to take a look at a few factors to select the most suitable one for you.

A low drawdown rate is an excellent quality of the bot. When you are researching bots, try to know all the aspects of that bot.

All good bots have been tested on a variety of accounts that take into account slippages and spreads. All backrest results must be available for the public.

Beware of false reviews. In fake reviews, you'll find excessive praise. You should also read reviews that are negative to learn about the issues that users face.

Begin by using the bots using a demo account in order to get a better understanding of how it operates. Once you're fully satisfied with the results you can test live accounts. While demo trading won't give you a full understanding, you'll get an understanding of the service.

It is also important to monitor the bots to ensure that you can intervene to fix system issues, or internet connectivity issues. It is possible to be liable for losing all your funds when you let it run and then leave it. You might require intervention to avoid unintended consequences.

Be aware that no product can offer the 100% assurance that you will earn money from forex trading. Review the product's refund policy prior to purchasing.

Pros and Cons of Trading Bots


  • Bots take away certain psychological pressures of trading. However, those who are using a bot must still know when to take action and when not to, which is a mind skill.
  • Bots respond faster than human beings are able to. If a signal for trading appears (to either enter or leave) There is no delay on the part of the EA. Humans however might be hesitant or doubt the trading. The lightning-fast reaction speed that is provided by the EA is advantageous when markets are moving fast.
  • A trading bot is able to monitor more markets than humans could. In any given moment, a human can only monitor just a handful of markets, whereas a Bot/EA can track hundreds of. Once you set up a bot, it will find opportunities across all markets for which it has been programmed. Well made Bots are able to profit from greater opportunities than human beings could.
  • We will take any trade that fits the strategy even if the trader believes otherwise. If the strategy has proved to be profitable, that's an excellent thing.
  • The trader is forced to reduce a strategy to a stage at which it is able to be programmatically controlled. This allows traders to have the ability to examine their strategies. Customers who purchase Bots don't get this benefit and frequently aren't aware of what's "under the hood."
  • Although some intervention is necessary when a trading system is designed, it will require only minimal maintenance over prolonged lengths of time. That means for specific times, the automated trading software could perform less work than trading manually. When a program is in need of to be worked on, it could take a long time.
  • Automatic trading can be the most reliable test to determine if a strategy is feasible or not. Manual trading involves many variables, while programs do the things it's told to do. Automating and testing the strategy is an excellent method to determine whether the strategy will work given the current market conditions.
  • Once a method has been automated, the strategy is quickly tested under various market conditions (using the latest or previous price information). This will show the weaknesses as well as strengths in the software. For instance, it could be able to perform well in markets that are trending however, it is not as effective in markets that are ranging. The information can be used to modify the program's performance or to tell the trader when it's suitable to intervene and switch it off, or off.


  • You need to do a lot of work to maintain and create the program.
  • Sometimes, manual intervention may be necessary, which means that the bot trading system isn't completely non-interactive. For instance when volatility rises over normal, then it is possible that the size of the trade has to be altered manually.
  • Good skills in programming are desirable. If you buy a software however, the majority of them don't offer regular updates or support for the long term as market conditions alter. If you don't know how you can modify the program, it is likely to be ineffective (unprofitable).
  • When you purchase a bot, you don't know what's behind the scenes. One disadvantage of automatizing the strategy is that it requires users to understand the insides and outs of the method.
  • However, the user is still subject to emotional pressures, like needing to intervene when the program is doing smoothly (protect the profits) or performing badly (protect the capital). Additionally, there is the pressure to make a decision which is the best moment to intervene.
  • It's unlikely that purchasing a Bot/EA from the internet will yield positive results over the long term. It could be effective for a brief period of duration, however eventually the user needs to keep it running and know when to intervene and when to not.
  • To develop your own trading bot, you need to know programming skills. Trading skills are also essential in order to design the strategy that is programmed.

Few Day Trading Bot

We will now discuss three popular Day Trading Bots.

Trade Ideas

Trade ideas review

In 2003, Trade Ideas was founded. Trade Ideas is a web and desktop-based software platform that assists in searching for the best day-to-day trading possibilities. The company has been a leader in stock scanning in real-time, Trade Ideas now incorporates modern AI algorithms that backtest each stock in both the USA and Canada for trading opportunities. It's also a stock trading bot.

Features Of Trade Ideas

  • Artificial Intelligence

The AI powered robo-advisement system consists of a dozen investment algorithms which are tested against over one million trading scenarios over the course of a single night to identify an investment set with the greatest likelihood of alpha at the upcoming market session.

  • Brokerage Plus

The bot creates, scans, finds trades, and creates trading strategies. It also automates your strategies, and lets them run directly from your account.

  • Simulated Trading

Trade Ideas is integrated with AI-powered tools and tools for idea generation to increase your profits. When investors are given the right feedback, they quickly can determine the actions that result in reward and also where there are lapses that require correction.

  • Entry and Exit Signals

Their AI-Holly bot will provide suggested entries that will be weighted statistically. The system will also provide a set of exit signals that are suggested based on various risk management strategies to manage intraday trades. It is vital to understand that although Exit Signals are designed for intraday use some of Holly's trades can be profitable by multi-day holding.

  • Chart Windows

Chart Windows of Trade Ideas allow you to visually confirm the alert immediately without having to leave your platform.

  • Channel Bar

You can select from a variety of preconfigured layouts arranged by themes for channels.  You can also save your own layouts as individual channels.

  • One Click Trading

You can trade stocks in any charting window using the simple click and drag on' of the markers for buy and sell.

  • Window for Counting Compartments

By seeing Compare Count Windows  you can make a visual comparison of two strategies. You can also check real-time updates to see which strategy occurs more frequently or less frequently.

  • News

News about stocks is only a mouse click away on the Single Stock Window tab.


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Pricing of Trade Ideas

They have two pricing options. Standard and Premium. Both have monthly and annual plans.

The monthly cost for the Standard Plan is $118 while the annual plan will cost you $1068.

The monthly subscription fee for the Premium Plan is $228 while the yearly subscription fee is $2268.

Disclaimer: Buying the product won't give you profit guarantee. AtoZ Markets doesn't endorse any product.

Forex Fury

Forex fury review

image credit: Forex Fury

Forex Fury is an established trading bot company that concentrates solely on the forex market. The bot supports many third-party trading platforms , such as MT4 along with MT5. Additionally, it works on ECN Accounts.

Based on its approach, Forex Fury claims to only make trades for one hour per day with one currency pair. This is during times that have low levels of volatility. In terms of efficiency, Forex Fury claims to have a winning rate of 93 percent. It is also compatible with any MT4 broker.

The Forex Fury has a verified account on Myfxbook. Forex Fury also claims that it is aiming to achieve monthly gains of between 10 and 20 percent.

Forex Fury does not have any monthly or yearly subscription fee. It's a one time payment. It has two packages. Gold and Diamond. The price for Gold is $229.99. It allows you one live account with unlimited demo accounts. It gives you Lifetime membership with free updates. The Diamond package would cost you $439.99. This package allows you 2 live accounts with unlimited demo accounts. It also gives lifetime membership and fee updates.

Disclaimer: Buying the product won't give you profit guarantee. AtoZ Markets doesn't endorse any product.


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BitQT App

Since the rise of cryptocurrency various trading bots and applications quickly became available on the market. Bitqt is among these apps that have exploded onto markets with attractive features and usability. But, there is some doubt about whether Bitqt and the other bots for trading are trustworthy or not.

The review of BitQT is to give a warning to our readers. It used to be a good bot for cryptos trading. But now there are so many websites on Google by the name of BitQT. Many of them claimed to be official.

Bitqt scam

Image Source: Google SERP

In the above screenshot, you can see many are claiming to be the official website of BitQT. It's difficult to find out which is legit or whether anyone is legit at all. We would request our readers to stay away from it unless you find anyone close who knows the original one.


No matter how powerful any trading bot or automated day trading software is. It didn't overpower human beings yet. If you can learn the art of trading, you will be able to make money in any financial markets. To run a trading bot effectively, you have to understand the strategy behind it.

Depending on any trading bot blindly is the worst thing anyone can do. I have seen people doing it and blowing up the account. Usually a trading bot works for a shorter period of time as the market changes its direction often.



Are day trading bots profitable?

Automated trade may help to increase profits, but it needs skills and knowledge about trading. Automated trading requires skill. A trader requires technical and trading skills as well. Robot trading takes time too.

Can a trading bot be profitable?

Very few bots are profitable but the majority of them are not. So if they are generating a profit then they would likely be more profitable if they were bought at a cheaper level.

Should you trade Forex using Trading Bot on your own at all?

Before you start trading Forex using bot, you'll want to read this.

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