Best Trading Signals App for iOS & Android

The world of online trading travels hand in hand with technological advancement and the way securities are traded continues to change at the speed of light. One of the most innovative and fastest ways to do this is by using the best trading apps.

They generally have a more comfortable interface to trade. But you have to wonder "What is the best trading signals app for me?" That answer is in this article, so do not stop reading until you find the best free trading signals app to trade.

What are trading signals?

The trading signals can be equated with tips that are able to help investors to make decisions about their daily business. Put simply, then, these trading signals perform the same function as the guardian angel on the shoulder.  And this guardian angel you should imagine him as one of the leading trading experts currently operating within the industry.

The Forex trading signals, in particular, suggest which action to choose, at what moment of the trend of this particular action to proceed to place your offer, as well as offer you more or less detailed forecasts regarding the trend (up or down ) of the value of a share.

Thanks to trade signals it will be much easier to invest in the stock market with safety and simplicity, especially if you are still at the first investments of your career as a trader. In fact, they make life easier - and not a little.

Initially, it might be difficult to find your way around so many financial instruments at your disposal, all as succulent and promising as the sweets for Pinocchio in the Land of Toys. However, behind great promises often fatal mistakes are hidden: to avoid them, you will absolutely have to use trade signals.

How do trading signals work?

How do trading signals work

The trading signals use a very simple operation in order to invest in the securities market. For each market, the following aspects are indicated: direction of the signal, reference market, expiration of validity, and reliability in terms of the probability of the trading signal itself.

Obviously, there are various ways to use them to invest in the best way: first of all, we recommend that you try them for a certain period of time, perhaps taking advantage of the possibility of opening a test account with a particular online broker.

Remember that not all trading signals are perfect, so there is a margin for error, however, their goal is obviously to maximize returns and at the same time minimize the risk of suffering losses.

In the beginning, it would not make much sense to pay for this type of service, as it would be an additional investment that would weigh on your initial capital without allowing you to increase it in the short term. So the advice we give you is to choose free trading signals offered by certified platforms.

If something is free it does not mean that it is necessarily of low quality, especially if you choose to rely on an accredited and popular online broker. Finally, the last tip for making the best use of trading signals is not to establish an excessively large measure for a single trade: always try to get around below 5% of the total capital.

How to recognize the best trading signals

The trading of trading signals has been enjoying great success lately: more and more technical analysis centers are making this service available, against the payment of a monthly or annual subscription.

The main reason behind the popularity of these trading signals is twofold: first of all, they are extremely practical to use, so even those who do not have solid financial knowledge can handle them with ease. Plus, even the most seasoned investors can use them, as advice never hurts - as we usually say.

Without a doubt, you must try to pay as much attention as possible to the signals you decide to rely on: not all trading signals apps are reliable and some are real scams. There are signals that actually allow you to generate returns, earning money, and signals that instead do the opposite.

Most of the trading signals apps offered for sale on the net do not work: if you start from this assumption, you will be much more cautious in choosing the service that suits your needs. It all depends on the entity that processes the trading signal. If this is an expert who has been able to make big gains in the past then it is very likely that he is good.

Or, again if the signals are processed by certified analysis companies and respected by the online brokers themselves, then the probability of receiving positive indications that lead to profits is greater.

How to get free Forex signals

Are there really reliable and free Forex trading signals? This question is asked by many.

Finding a quality service is a good thing, however often the costs required can be very high, over a thousand euros per month. Conversely, if we search for free signals on Google we will be inundated with traders or suspected traders willing to share their system with us.

Unfortunately, this is often a simple sale of poor service. Maybe after a month or two, the subscription will not be renewed, however, we have wasted some money!

In any case, be careful: no signal service is infallible. Predicting the exact market trend is impossible, anyone who claims otherwise is a scammer.

In reality, a reliable trading signals app is able to generate a number of trades in profit higher than those in loss (in some cases, even much higher). Relying on trading signals continues to be one of the best techniques to make money on the stock market.

Having said that, let's go back to the original question: are there reliable and free Signals? Well, the answer is yes.

For years, regulated trading platforms, that we have mentioned below, have been on the market, therefore with the maximum safety standard, their customers enjoy exclusive free trading signals app.

We are talking about services that have proven, over time, to be truly reliable. Their reviews and opinions about their services that can be found on the internet are overwhelmingly positive. How come? Easy: the accuracy percentage of these signals is among the highest on the market!

Types of trading signals

A particularly useful way to understand the meaning of trading signals is to examine all the different types of signals that exist. This has to do with all the investment environments that can be approached from the trading platforms but to simplify the understanding of these mechanisms we will focus on FX trading.

This is a totally arbitrary choice since we could do the same for all the other areas. The first thing we must understand is that within a sector where competitiveness is skyrocketing as in the case of investments in the forex market, the search for obtaining advantages with one's investments turns out to be very important.

If we consider that FX signals can, to a certain extent, provide you with this benefit, the game is quickly done. However, it is necessary to know how to interpret them well to fully enjoy them and, even more so, it is necessary to know how to apply them according to a very precise strategy: contrary to what one might believe, it is not that simple.

When consulting a trading signal, if it is interpreted in the right way, it could become an important starting point through which to open a trade. Furthermore, the trading signal could determine the price of this operation and also the right time to implement it.

Normally what can be found are emerging market patterns and triggers that trigger the transaction itself. There are certainly automatic methods, which are gradually increasing.

There are so many types of trading signals that it would be almost impossible to include them all in this article. For this reason, we will try to distinguish four macro groups of trading signals which are the most important and the ones generally used.

Pulse signals

When we talk about trading signals, in this case concerning forex, it is automatically assumed that the foreign currency market moves according to economic changes and associated impulses. It is precisely in this context that the impulse signal becomes relevant. In fact, these types of signals behave very effectively as indicators of the direction that the market will take.

In the case of foreign currencies, impulse signals can be considered to be based in large part on the possible strength of buying a stock. Usually, when one of these signals appears, investors usually maintain some sort of vigilance to understand if the market can actually move in a direction of growth.

Volume signals

Volume signals are usually generated when a market has moved in large quantities in one direction or another. Unlike the buy or sell signals, which we will see later, we tend not to consider the volume signal as a feature that can allow you to act directly, but rather as a good indicator of the market trend.

Buy signals

These are probably the most frequent trading signals: as we have already seen, these tips are highly appreciated by investors, since they are considered as useful features for making decisions about entering or exiting the markets.

The buy signals, as you can clearly guess from the name, signal the most appropriate time to trade with a specific action, or indicate the price that this must have to be considered a profitable investment.

There is a huge variety of buy signals, and for this reason it is advisable to adapt these signals to the investment style that is normally followed.

The appearance of buy signals usually indicates the price or the specific time to enter a trade. As usual, however, this also depends on the interpretation we decide to give to the trading signal and the type of strategy that is implemented when investing.

Sell signals

It is not difficult to understand what the sales signals are. As you can easily understand from the name, these are trading signals which guide the investor in the direction of the best moment to exit a trade.

You can find sell signals oriented not only at the time of exit, but also at the price, or a combination of both factors. Both buy and sell signals can be key elements in the technical analysis process.

What is certain is that today there are very effective trading signals which, if used properly, could be really useful for most traders.

Trading signals app

Wondering which is the best trading signals app? 

Below are 3 Forex signals apps to help you get the best of forex trading. Before choosing the best signals app to trade Forex, we recommend that you first register with the best Forex broker before downloading the app to receive reliable trading signals.

eToro signals app

eToro signals app

eToro allows you to trade on the main international exchanges without limitations even from a mobile device. With eToro it is possible to create a diversified securities portfolio without paying commissions (except for some extra services) and which includes the shares of the most important companies listed on the stock exchange. 

Moreover, eToro is a real leader in the cryptocurrency sector and offers its users a really interesting assortment within which you can find both the most popular, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, or Ethereum, and several emerging cryptocurrencies.

As for the mobile version, the eToro app can be downloaded without problems from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, depending on the device you use. Through the trading signals app, you have immediate access to all the tools you need to create an investment portfolio.

It is also possible to access data, analysis and reports on the most current trends (also by means of personalized news) and market orders can be executed in real-time.

Even in mobile mode, it is possible to take advantage of copy trading and social trading, the real workhorse of eToro. An innovative and exciting tool that has created a real community of traders from all over the world. signals app is an extremely complete platform and is mainly suitable for experienced or professional brokers. 

It offers a selection of trading and market analysis tools among the most complete in the category, which can be activated with a very low minimum deposit: €10 is enough to open an account.

The platform provides a more advanced service than simple trading signals, or the possibility of having an AI (Artificial Intelligence) service that guides the user in his investments. 

This algorithm analyzes the market and the operations launched by the Traders of the platform, in order to offer a general trend of the market and related indications for investing in the best possible way.


The XTB app is called xStation Mobile, one of the few brokers to be listed on the stock exchange, as well as one of the most popular in Europe. Its trading offer focuses on two aspects: high operational execution speed and no minimum deposit required. XTB is regulated by the largest financial supervisors in the world such as the CySEC, FCA and KNF.

The XTB platform was also awarded Best of 2016 at the Online Personal Wealth Awards. 

On the xStation Mobile app, you can trade over 5,200 assets, including commodities, stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies and stock indices from around the world. The spreads applied are average, but withdrawal from the account is only possible from the bank.

With nearly 20 years of experience, The XTB Group provides investors with immediate access to hundreds of global markets. Since 2004, it has been present in more than 12 major markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America, and has been chosen by more than 353,000 customers.

XTB is often chosen by both professionals and beginners, for its advantageous conditions and the minimum deposit required. In addition, the demo account with no expiration, and the many free training contents allow you to learn what it takes to trade.


In short, it seems that technology is evolving in the sense of favoring the use of mobile apps whenever possible, and the online trading sector, by its very nature, could not be an exception.

In fact, we believe that even the most reluctant will sooner or later choose to install a trading signals app on their smartphone or tablet to play on the forex or stock markets, where and when they want, and to react promptly to events that occur on the financial markets.

What must be done, then, in the first place?

The most important thing is to choose a good broker that is reliable, safe and as complete as possible. As we have said, this is already a guarantee in itself. After that, you can move on to examine, test and possibly use its trading signals app.

The broker will make the difference as far as investment success is concerned again and again!