Forex Trading Course

A forex trading course, free or paid, if of quality, can be a fundamental determinant of success in online forex trading.

The best online forex trading course helps both those who have embarked on their adventure in the currency market today (beginners) and those who have started for some time (experts) to assimilate concepts and experience useful for making profitable financial investments in this market.

Introduction to forex

Before we begin, it is worth remembering what forex is: it is the largest and most efficient financial market in the world, the market in which currency pairs are traded with each other.

Many beginners start trading right from forex because they think making money is easier.

In reality, easy money does not exist (anyone who promises easy money is a scammer) and to make profits from forex, as well as from any other market, it is absolutely necessary to put effort and study.

For this reason, anyone who decides to trade forex must start with a good course: comprehensive, practice-oriented and simple to read (if it is full of incomprehensible technical terms, the course is useless for beginners).

How does forex work? Currency pairs are listed on forex: it is impossible to buy dollars if, at the same time, another currency, such as euros, is not sold.

Let's explain to help you understand better: to make money with forex you need to make a correct forecast on which of the two currencies of a pair strengthens and which weakens. If the forecast is correct, you earn.

How are predictions made? A good forex course explains just this, how to make predictions to make money, even using techniques and strategies (such as intraday trading for example).

In any case, there are basically two methods:

  1. Technical analysis: it is based on the observation of the graphs to make predictions on the trend of a currency pair.
  2. Fundamental Analysis: It is based on macroeconomic factors to make predictions on the performance of a currency pair.

There is, indeed, the possibility of trading on forex without having to make predictions, copying the best traders in the world thanks to the HotForex platform.

Forex trading course with the rip off

Unfortunately, not all forex trading courses are good: there are some excellent ones, others with some flaws (for example, a good forex trading course but with high cost) and finally some that we can define as a real rip-off.

The worst forex trading course are those sold by marketers: in this case the content is sparse, often very theoretical and full of incomprehensible technical terms.

Marketers who sell forex trading course beginners have understood that there is a large market (many people know that with forex it is possible to trade successfully) and have decided to take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, they are very good at selling online forex trading course but in the end, beginners do not understand anything about forex. That's why they create courses full of theory, perhaps copying here and there.

For this reason, if you really decide to buy a paid forex trading online course, it is advisable to carefully check the forex trading course reviews and opinions left by the people who have followed the forex trading course.

How to choose the best online forex trading course?

A good forex trading course teaches all the fundamentals of technical and fundamental analysis. This means that after having studied it you are able to operate on any financial market, not just on those of currencies.

For example, those who do technical analysis on forex are perfectly able to operate on the stock market as well. The great experts of technical analysis, to say, are able to trade on any asset simply by looking at the chart, without even knowing which asset it is (forex pair, stock, commodity).

Generally speaking, what is the advice that we at AtoZ Markets would like to provide to our readers to get the best out of their FX trading?

Here is a complete list with all the most important steps to follow to get the best out of this fascinating profession.

Study carefully

It will be trivial but the first step is just that. Studying does not mean reading or taking a look. The concepts present in the course must be assimilated, repeated and read again to fix the concepts well in our mind.

The cause-effect relationship, very present in the financial markets, must be clear as well as the functioning of the main indicators.

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Practice on Demo

Trading is an " operational " discipline, it follows that it is very important to immediately put into practice all the concepts learned in the Forex course.

Only in this way will it be possible to truly assimilate every theoretical concept, testing it on open markets and of course… even making mistakes. In the beginning, it is normal, you need to test and find the right strategy.

Obviously, the Demo account involves the use of virtual capital, so there will be no risk for our finances.

This step is also widely used by professionals, always looking for new strategies and with the need to carry out the Backtesting phase before operating on the real account.

Support from a specialist

Trading is a solitary activity, so it could be a good idea to get help from a financial markets specialist. HotForex makes available to Account Managers who have the task of following and guiding the Trader during operations.

Real Tutors with whom to discuss, talk and request suggestions in real-time: a very valuable help especially for the most inexperienced.

This service is free, just complete the registration and we will automatically be assigned a Manager. We suggest our readers take this opportunity into consideration and make the most of it!

Avoid scams

On the internet now you can really find everything, obviously, there are many forex courses, both free and paid. Many novice traders are persuaded to buy expensive paid courses, however, the results are almost never good.

Unfortunately, those who sell forex courses are not financial market experts but marketers who earn money by capturing the attention of the most naïve. How? As often happens, through the promise of easy money.

It is advisable to stay away from these false gurus: not only buying these courses is useless but it is also harmful because the concepts expressed are completely out of sorts. Or, at best, it is a pure theory because whoever produced these courses has never really traded on the currency market.

Operate on real

To be a true FX trader, the transition from a demo account to a real one is a fundamental step.

Only in this way, by managing our money, will it be possible to train our psychology. One account is to operate with virtual $10,000, quite another account is to trade with even only $100 but .... real!

Psychology changes, emotions are stronger, adrenaline getting stronger. In short, emotions can only be experienced by operating on a real account. However, after studying the best forex course, practicing Demo to optimize operational strategies, the real account will be a natural passage.

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4.8/5 Review
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Best forex trading course

What is the best forex trading course? We have prepared a list of the best forex trading courses for beginners and also for experts.

  1. The secrets to start trading: This forex trading course for beginners addresses all the basic topics;
  2. Anticipating Trends with oscillators and indicators: A basic forex trading strategies course for technical analysis, especially essential for those who invest in the short term;
  3. Complete Trading Course with Yuri: Another forex trading course for beginners that starts from the basics, to offer a complete path that includes technical and fundamental analysis, operational strategies and principles of capital management;
  4. Short Term Trading (on Forex and Indices) - with indicator!: This online forex trading course covers everything you need to know about short selling and is aimed at more experienced investors;
  5. Complete Scalping Course: This is the forex trading online course to learn how to trade in the very short term, where even a few pips can make a difference;
  6. Complete Ichimoku and price action Course: path to use in combination the Ichimoku indicators and the Price Action;
  7. Online Trading: What It Is And How It Works: This is a complete forex trading video course covering all basic and intermediate topics. The basic smattering of online and Forex trading;
  8. Investment App + eBook: The large educational section dedicated to free training on the platform with an App downloadable on iOS or Android + free eBook and complete forex trading video course;
  9. AvaTrade e-Book: The basic text offered by another great broker, which provides investors with a digital book with all the information they need to start trading seriously.

Over time we may think of adding additional forex trading online courses, for example, related to new practices or theories, or to new regulations regarding the Forex sector.

For this reason, we advise you to add this article to your favorites and place it in an appropriate category, such as "online forex trading course."

In this way, it will be easy to find ourselves and stay up to date on all the news!

Complete forex trading video course

The complete forex trading video course is by AtoZ Markets, a course created for beginners and to cover all the basic knowledge of this specific market.

A course lasting just over an hour that we recommend to all our readers, regardless of which path they decide to take at the level of forex day trading courses, whether to continue with the paid ones or with the free courses.

Why should you study a Forex course?

Studying a forex day trading course is a fundamental step to understanding the dynamics that govern the currency markets. We are talking about an asset open 24 hours a day that offers excellent opportunities to invest successfully: this is why it is worth knowing about Forex and the dynamics that move it.

As we have seen in these lines, the best brokers provide quality forex day trading courses, free of charge. However, there are also paid options that we would like to recommend only after trying the free courses contained in this guide.

The path is clear: when we approach a new discipline we have to see if it actually interests us and if it falls within our strings. To do this, there is nothing better than free and quality training material. Subsequently, having ascertained that the world of Forex is for us, it will also be possible to consider paid courses.

Studying a forex trading course is not enough

So far we have talked about the best online forex trading course. The problem is that studying a forex trading online course, even the best ever, is not enough. Forex is above all practice, to really learn it takes practice.

That is why it is always advisable to study a forex training course currency trading and, at the same time, practice with a demo account.

The best forex brokers, in fact, provide a free demo account with which it is possible to operate with virtual money. Thanks to the demo account, it is possible to carry out tests and experiments absolutely without risk.

Below is a list of the reliable forex brokers that offer free, unlimited and unconstrained demo accounts:

  • OctaFX
  • Hotforex
  • Avatrade

Learning a forex day trading course is not difficult but it takes time and effort. Easy money in fx trading does not exist, it is usually the scammers who promise it.


This guide is intended to offer our readers a well-structured, high-quality forex trading course. Our editorial staff has provided the topics covered in the best forex trading course in order to start with the basic concepts and end with the operational strategies.

We then provided useful advice both to study in the best possible way and to start operating optimally, without excessive risks, and in full awareness of how to deal with the markets.

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Ultimately, the best way to start our FX trading career is to start from the basics with an excellent forex training course in currency trading to study all the secrets of Forex!