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FTMO Promo Code - Why There's No Option For Bonus Or Discount

FTMO Promo Code - Why There's No Option For Bonus Or Discount

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FTMO offers a funded account with a one-time fee. That's why there is no option for a  FTMO promo code or discount. However, after successful completion of the FTMO challenge and verification, FTMO will refund you the fees. So, let's take a look at why this is the case.

Does FTMO Offer Discounts?

One may think that FTMO does not want to give away money through a FTMO coupon code or discount that could be used to fund an account. However, what they want i for traders to prove themselves first by completing the FTMO Challenge and meeting specific trading criteria. Once a trader has completed the challenge and been verified, they will be refunded the one-time fee and granted access to a fund account. 

While some may see this as a disadvantage, it's actually quite fair. By making traders complete the FTMO Challenge, FTMO ensures that only serious and dedicated traders will be given access to their funding. This protects both FTMO and the trader by ensuring everyone is on the same page. 


So there you have it - this is why there's no option for a FTMO discount or promo code when it comes to FTMO funding. By making traders complete the challenge and meet specific criteria, FTMO ensures that only the appropriate traders are given access to funding. This protects both FTMO and the trader in the long run.


Does FTMO Refund Money?

FTMO requires a small fee to start the challenge. If you successfully become a funded trader, you can get back the fee paid with your first profit split from your funded trading account. If you don't pass the challenge, you can start again, but you'll have to pay the fee again. But if you can't reach the targeted profits but are in profit, FTMO will allow you to start again for free. 

Why Should I Join FTMO?

Joining FTMO can be a highly profitable endeavour for the experienced trader. For starters, FTMO will pay out up to 90% profit share monthly. This arrangement allows the trader to increase their earnings without taking on additional risk. In addition, FTMO periodically allocates more balance into accounts belonging to traders who have demonstrated consistent profitability. As a result, joining FTMO can provide a trader with both immediate and long-term benefits.


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