Credit Card Brokers 2024 | Forex Brokers with Credit Card

Can you fund a brokerage account with a credit card? Yes! Currently, there are a large number of credit card brokers that accept credit card as a form of payment method. Furthermore, the credit card is a very practical, simple and non-bureaucratic method of making payments; where the money is made available almost immediately to the recipient's account. Keep reading on AtoZ Markets.

Credit card brokers

Therefore, any broker that does not make this well-known payment method available among its available options may have a setback in its operating strategies. As credit cards are very popular nowadays in today's consumerist society, more and more people use them to make purchases and payments, both in person and online.

In fact, there are places in the world where paper money is hardly used anymore, where the government encourages the use of “plastic money” as a form of payment. Mainly because it is a safe form of payment that allows tracking, that is, encouraging the use of the card is a measure to prevent financial crimes , such as money laundering.

Therefore, being connected to a brokerage that allows the use of credit or debit cards is to be in tune with modernity and with the technological evolution that the world has been going through. That's why we put at your disposal a list of good brokers that accept the use of credit cards between their deposit and withdrawal methods.

Top 3 Credit Card Brokers

  • Plus500 
  • eToro

The list above is made up of brokers authorized and regulated by international control institutions that regulate this activity.  Notably, these are forex brokers with credit card withdrawal. Therefore, you can open an account for online trading with any of them as they are reliable. Another point to highlight is that all of them were previously evaluated and approved by the team.

Plus500: a Broker That Accepts Credit Cards

Plus500 credit card broker

An innovative broker like Plus500 would never fail to make this efficient payment method available to its nearly 50 million users. This is one of the  forex brokers with credit card withdrawal. So, if you have a credit card, you can have no worries, as you can use it on Plus500  to deposit and withdraw funds.

To make a deposit via credit card at Plus500 is very simple, just enter the platform, click on the deposit button and click on the Visa/Mastercard option among the huge variety of payment methods available.

It is worth remembering that the Plus500 broker offers its versatile platform in different versions so that you have maximum compatibility with different operating systems. In this way, you will be able to carry out your online trading operations on your cell phone, tablet, notebook or computer, choosing the one that is best for you.

Plus500 Demo Account

In principle, like every self -respecting broker, Plus500 also offers a demo account. However, with one big difference, at Plus500 this account is completely free, unlimited and unrestricted. You will receive 10,000 virtual dollars to use in this training account, which you can top up whenever you want.

However, we must warn you that the Plus500 training account is only for you to simulate investments, that is, you do not take risks, nor do you make real profits. In order to use real money, you only need to switch to “real account” at the top of the platform and make a deposit of just $10 with a credit card at the broker Plus500.

In short, by doing this you will be able to invest real money in the platform. However, we advise that if you do not yet have experience in online trading, it would be good to train for a while on your demo account , to learn how these investments work and to learn the skills of experienced traders.

Plus500 has so many advantages and benefits that it would be counterproductive to list them all here. That's why we advise you to experience each of the attractions of this broker in a personal way, doing so you will be able to feel the emotion of what it is like to use one of the best trading platforms in the world.

The Plus500 broker is the best option for those who want to invest in diversified financial instruments with good liquidity. To open a trading account and experience all the features of the platform, simply enter your email and password.

eToro: Social Broker Trading with Credit Card

eToro Credit card broker

image credit: eToro

Have you ever heard that “one swallow doesn’t make a summer”? It's a saying that expresses the fact that doing things in a team is much more advantageous than doing it alone, in addition, the chances of success are much greater. That's why eToro is so successful, having had this vision for over a decade and implementing it in its online trading products and services.

Thus, with the idea that “unity is strength”  eToro designed a platform that would provide its investors with real conditions to trade collaboratively. That is, all traders have numerous possibilities for interaction and cooperation so that they can operate their investments effectively.

Proof of this is the Copy Trader tool, a functionality of the platform that allows any investor who wants to be able to copy the investments of another trader without restrictions . The “Copy People” of the eToro platform is very simple to use, you just have to select the trader of your choice and click on the blue “copy” button.

Reduce risk with Copy Trader

However, as a risk reduction measure, it is advisable to copy more than one trader so that any losses that one of them may present can be covered by others . Since every form of investment includes risk, even successful ones like eToro's “Copy People”.

Copy those traders who already have more time within the brokerage with good results and those whose investment has a lower risk score. These measures also help to reduce the possibility of you having losses in the use of this tool. Since a good selection of traders can not only reduce risk but increase your profit potential.

CopyPortfolios: Portfolios Prepared by eToro

Finally, in addition to the “Copy People” functionality, there is CopyPortfolios, which are nothing more than portfolios prepared in advance by eToro specialists with the utmost care to provide their users with good profitability with as little risk as possible. Credit card brokers like eToro often provide innovative tools like CopyPortfolios.

If you found these forms of investment made available by eToro for its clients interesting, you can also be part of the “investment social network”. Remember that eToro also provides a free and unlimited demo account for its users. 

Recommended and most secure payment methods

Credit or debit cards have always been the most widely accepted means of all brokerages in the world. But the most accepted credit and debit cards are all those belonging to the Visa and Mastercard circuits. However, there are also many brokerages that accept Maestro, American Express, Diners Club and other types of credit cards.

However, if you want to trade with exchanges that accept credit cards, but you don't want to provide your financial details and don't want to wait for a transfer, you can opt for e-wallet payments . They are ideal for storing the credit card details you usually use for online purchases. See some of them:

  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • WebMoney, among others.

It is important to mention that today, despite the security and the fact that this means of payment is so widespread, there is still a concern about trading with credit card. Especially if it's your first time using it to pay something or deposit money at your online brokerage. However, having an e-wallet solves this problem.

Advantages of trading with Credit Card

Like any other payment method, credit card trading has its advantages and disadvantages. However, taking care, credit card users can enjoy a form of payment that can bring them numerous benefits, know some of them in the list below:

  • Allows you to enjoy instant credit.
  • It is accepted by all brokers for online trading.
  • It is very safe (as long as you choose a really reliable broker).
  • Likewise, if you make a deposit through any online credit card brokers, you can trade almost immediately. Once the transaction is completed immediately.

In addition, credit card brokers that operate online often have an automated system for verifying and adding funds to user accounts. On the other hand, other means of payment, such as bank transfers, have the disadvantage of taking longer. Both in deposits, as well as in withdrawals from brokers in which they have an account.

In principle, it may take 2-6 business days for a transfer to complete and it may take the same amount of time to complete the withdrawal of money. Therefore, it is very easy to enjoy all the speed and practicality of using your credit card at this brokerage . - a Credit Card Broker credit card is a pioneer in the use of Artificial Intelligence, through which you can invest in different markets and financial assets around the world with a small minimum deposit, just $20. It also has modern means for deposits and withdrawals.

Other considerations about credit card brokers:

  • For any of the mentioned cases, the user must be the holder of the credit cards.
  • For user verification purposes, the broker may require the user to send a copy of the card .
  • Also, due to regulatory requirements, many brokers ask you to withdraw funds via the same method you deposited. In other words, if I use credit cards to deposit, it must be active when I decide to withdraw.

Since you have reached this point in the article, then we concluded that you found a satisfying answer to your question, “can you fund a brokerage account with a credit card?” We’ve also shown you a list of forex brokers with credit card withdrawal.

Therefore, we ask you to share it on your social networks so that it helps more people who need this information. If you don't have a trading account with any credit card brokers yet, you can open one in a few minutes at these brokers: Plus500, and eToro.