Womb Themed NFTs in Signapore- Taboo Breaking in the world of NFT

The latest trend in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is womb-themed art. And one of the hottest places to buy these pieces is Singapore.

Womb themed nfts

There are a number of reasons why Singapore has become such a hub for this type of NFT. For one, the city-state is home to a number of world-renowned digital art galleries. These galleries have helped to put Singapore on the map as a destination for cutting-edge art.


A sex coach from Singapore is the latest participant in the non-fungible token (NFT) bandwagon. In celebration of International Women's Day, which took place on March 8th, certified intimacy coach Dr Angela Tan, in association with her organization, Academy of Relationships and Sex (ARAS) as well as local artist MOKO has released the NFTs that were themed around the womb. Two sets of collection items in the spirit of the womb were titled as Floral Matrix and Womb of Life.

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Although "Floral Matrix", which was developed in-house by an artist on freelance and has a floor price of 0.002 Ethereum, "Womb of Life" is priced at 0.075 Ethereum. Part of money from NFT sales will go to non-profit organizations working to end period poverty.

"Floral Matrix" shows the baby's womb as it is nurtured and is surrounded by flowers.

Similar to that, "Womb of Life" is an assortment of 11 NFT artworks from ARAS in addition to MOKO. The collection portrays the mother's womb as an entrance to the universe, which allows the creation.


Both sets of collectibles are now up for auction on OpenSea, the NFT marketplace.


"We would like to commemorate and acknowledge the importance of the womb to be the secure space in which we first were nurtured and the space in which all humans are made. It nourished life, allowing us to flourish and achieve amazing feats after feats throughout the history of mankind," read a piece of writing at the ARAS website.


Its website ARAS has also attempted to eliminate some myths regarding menstrual cycles. It said that in the context of taboos and myths, it is important to know that the womb doesn't get removed from the discussion. Women may feel disqualified of their femininity because of stigmas like "menstruation is shameful" or "menstrual blood is dirty".


NFTs are digital assets or items created with blockchain technology. Music, art, in-game products, as well as films are all represented by NFTs. They're often encoded using the same software that powers numerous cryptocurrencies. They are purchased and sold on the internet All transactions are stored in the Blockchain. While everyone is able to view NFTs however only the purchaser has the right to hold them.


It's not the first time that a pregnancy or womb has been shown within an NFT. The "Baby Birkin" NFT, that depicted a growing baby inside the Hermes Birkin backpack, was sold for $23,500 in the year 2000. The baby at all stages of a 40-week gestation was displayed in the design of the bag that was transparent.


Another illustration was of an Black expecting woman with her foetus drawn by a medical student who offered it for auction as an NFT in the year 2000. Chidiebere Ibe is a medical student who made a picture of an Black pregnant woman which went viral on Twitter. Ibe posted the NFT at around $39,000. The image went popular on Twitter following a tweet from a person who posted the picture and stated that they'd never before had a black foetus imaged in any other way.

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