Why do you want to be a Professional Forex Trader?

When you begin trading Forex there is something that drives you to trade. Often that something is a thought that trading Forex is easing, but if this is the case – you won't succeed. Why do you rally want to be a Professional Forex Trader?

AtoZForex Just about everyone who enters the world of trading, even on a limited basis, dreams of becoming a full-time professional Forex trader one day.

Trading for a living is certainly a worthy goal held by many talented and hard-working people. But whenever this subject comes up, the question to be asked to the hopeful traders is exactly WHY they want this to be their profession.

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#1 Money?

There is no doubt about it, few professions can take someone from so little capital and make you rich in such a short amount of time and with so few obstacles.

The stories of professional Forex traders like Nicolas Darvas who turned $30.000 into more than $2 million in roughly 18 months, remind us all of just how fast extreme wealth can be made as a trader when all the pieces fall together.

Plus you don’t have to start with a ton of cash or earn some degree or cut your way through a bunch of rules and procedures to try your hand at trading. You can start your own trading journey rather quickly and cheaply.

Thus when one considers different ways to turn a small amount of money into an extremely large amount, trading often appears like a quick and easy way to become rich.

However, this is where the pitfall lies. As soon as the 'quick and easy' idea about Forex trading fades when the beginner traders lose their first account, that's the time they quit FX. Hence, money might not be the best ambition to aim for. Money is nothing.

#2 Freedom?

Another reason to becoming a professional Forex trader that appeals to #many is the promise of total freedom and self-reliance.

As a trader, there is no boss to answer to. You can trade from virtually wherever you want. There are no coworkers to worry about squabbling with. You can trade wearing your bathrobe in the morning and then lead off to the golf course in the afternoon and there is nobody to tell you it shouldn’t be done that way.

The desire of this type of freedom is fueled by the idea of self-reliance. As a trader, you alone are in charge for your success. You don’t have to convince a boss that your idea is a good one. You don’t have to be concerned about the person on the other side of the business deal living up to his end. You don’t have to worry about that key client of yours declining your idea at the last minute.

As a trader only YOUR results matter. No other person or entity can stand between you and your potential success. That’s true self-reliance. That’s true freedom.

Similarly like with money, freedom can appear illusive. You will not be depended on your boss, but you can easily become a slave of the chart if you won't have a Forex trading plan and system you would strictly follow.

Why do you want to be a Professional Forex Trader?

Although MONEY and FREEDOM could be motivators to become a successful trader, they are not the BEST reasons to become a professional Forex trader.

By studying the most successful traders in the world you will find something else that drives them. After all money and self-reliance can be achieved in a number of other professions. Why become a trader instead of an entrepreneur, a poker player, a professional golfer, a writer or a musician?

Success in any of these professions would certainly lead to an abundance of money and freedom. And the barrier of entry and starting capital required is in the same ballpark as it is for the wannabe trader.

Hence, why trading? Why do you REALLY want to be a profession Forex trader? Find and repeat that ambition to yourself day by day from the time you wake up to when you go to sleep.

Share your reasons and ambitions in the comments section below.

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