What is Antshares? Antshares Ethereum comparison

Have you heard about Antshares? It is the developing Chinese version of Ethereum Blockchain Platform. Let's look into this detailed Antshares Ethereum comparison.

24 July, AtoZForex If you are wondering what Antshares is, it is a Chinese open-source Blockchain platform. The project aims to position itself as the Chinese version of Ethereum. Ethereum is one of the most successful and famous digital currency platforms.

What is Antshares?

In order to become the Ethereum from China, Antshares will soon have the new name – NEO. Creators of this Blockchain platform plan to rename the project by the end of this year.

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In fact, the Antshares has already gained some good ground in the country. Digital platform’s currency is called ANS. It is already in circulation in the majority of stock exchanges across China.

Meanwhile, the creators of Antshares project are collaborating with some Chinese officials with the purpose of establishing a real asset utilizing Antshares’ technology. The smart technology behind Antshares has the name – Smart Contracts 2.0.

In addition, the project has already teamed up with some other startup companies. They plan to add more partners as the Antshares grows further. The Antshares team has already patented a cross-chain interoperability. This will bring great benefits to the project in the long run.

Antshares Ethereum comparison

What are the differences and similarities between Ethereum and Antshares? Let’s look into these in detail.

Antshares Ethereum difference: Programming language

The key difference between these two lies in the technology behind them. Specifically, they differ in their programming language. Antshares is compatible with all coding languages. On the other hand, Ethereum only functions with Solidity.

Industry experts believe that Antshares’ compatibility with all coding languages is a great competitive advantage. This potentially can attract more users to this digital currency platform.

Antshares Ethereum similarity: Ability to combine gas or fees and smart contracts

Both the Blockchain platforms are able to combine fees, smart contracts and potentially DApps. We have discussed Top 5 Ethereum powered decentralized apps previously.

As of now, the price of ANS stands at $8.58.

Antshares Ethereum comparison

Onchain is a parent firm of Antshares. It is one of the most reliable brands in China these days. The project already has gathered millions of dollars in funding. In fact, the market capitalization of Onchain already stands at $250 million.

With these funds, Antshares has all the chances to develop its technology further. Yet, it is still uncertain if it can reach Ethereum’s level.

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