What does the term mean? When Lambo

When Lambo? I bet you have heard this expression somewhere. This question is most popular in crypto community, with cryptocurrency investors wondering when they can afford a Lambo with their crypto holdings. Well, at the moment, you’d need to wait until May 2032 to buy a Lambo with 1 BTC!

16 August, AtoZ Markets Cryptocurrency industry is evolving at a high pace and digital currency enthusiasts are coming up with the new terminology every day. For those, who are new in crypto, expressions such as “to the moon”, “when Lambo” or “HODL” do not make much sense. However, it is not all that hard to understand the slang once you dig a little deeper. 

What does the term mean? When Lambo 

Today, we will discuss one of the abovementioned slang expressions used by the crypto community and look into the current state of the major coins.

“When Lambo?” refers to the value of cryptocurrencies in comparison to the cost of one Lamborghini Aventador (Lambo).

Specifically, the expression asks when exactly BTC, ETH or any other crypto will reach the level that would enable a person to buy a Lambo with just one coin. As of the moment of writing, you would need roughly 65.8 Bitcoins or 1435.99 Ethers to buy a Lambo. 

 “When Lambo” is one of the most used phrases in the crypto community. It is also often used as a joke by those, who want to know when their investment will bring them a lot of money. 

16 August BTC and ETH Fundamental Analysis

Ethereum now stands at $296.88, and 7market Inc co-founder Yagub Rahimov believes that the creation of Vitalik Buterin, along with other counterparts, is now looking at a bullish side due to several reasons:

“We are at the moment, where there are almost no days left in the summer – in some two weeks, we will be entering fall. This is a good news since most of the crypto holders have already exchanged their coins for fiat and now they are spending it. Another great point here is the anticipation of US SEC decision regarding 9 Bitcoin ETF proposals, which are also expected to drive the crypto market higher. “

As per Mr. Rahimov, the pioneer cryptocurrency Bitcoin, today is set to hit a higher high in comparison to yesterday. From his perspective, the latest price developments in the BTC are signaling a “confirmed bullish price action development.” As a short-term Bitcoin price outlook, Mr. Rahimov sees a $7,500 level.

Talking about Ether, Mr. Rahimov mentioned that he expects the cryptocurrency to reach $350-380, with the possibility to hit $420. 

7marketz Inc. co-founder has also shared his outlook regarding one of the most prospective young coins on the market – NGC. As of the moment, the value of a single NAGA coin stands at an average of $0.29. He has stated:

“In case we see a break above $0.30, there is a chance that NGC coin can easily make it to $0.45 -0.50. This scenario is feasible for realization within the next week or so.”

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