TRON Justin Sun Sued for $15 Million

TRON Justin Sun Sued for $15 Million due to labor violations and harassment. Two former employees at BitTorrent filed the lawsuit. They said that CEO Sun treated them in an unfriendly manner. Moreover, Sun illegally fired them from the firm for objecting to the project’s unlawful management practices.

28 January, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – Two former employees at BitTorrent, Richard Hall and Lukasz Juraszek filed a lawsuit against a subsidiary of the TRON (TRX) Foundation, Rainberry Inc. and its CEO Justin Sun. They claimed that they had been mistreated, harassed, illegally fired and to have violated their employment rights. 

TRON CEO Justin Sun Sued by Ex-Employees Over Workplace Hostilities 

Juraszek worked between February and August 2019 as a software engineer at the Tron Foundation and BitTorrent. Hall worked as a product director at the Tron Foundation and BitTorrent for seven months until June 2019. 

The charge was filed at the court in October 2019 under CCTC-19-580304. But it was only made public last week. The document contains about 70 pages, which explain in detail the reasons for the accusation. 

One of the plaintiffs claims that he was forced to achieve BitTorrent’s launch objectives. According to the document, TRON CEO Sun physically assaulted his chief engineer, Cong Li, on more than one incident. Sun and Cong Li are also accused of mistreating other employees.

The documents argue that both employees faced hostility and retaliation for the fact that neither “fit the profile”:

Sun was looking for an employee who was a Chinese mainland, would not object or” rock the boat [... ] when they saw actual or potentially illegal activities [...] and who would work [... ] from 9 am to 9 pm daily, six days a week [...] without [...] expressing any concern about illegal, immoral, unethical or improper activities.

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The Plaintiffs’ Warnings of Illegal Activities

The lawsuit also concerns the plaintiffs’ warnings of illegal activities. As per the document, one of the plaintiffs expressed his concern to Li about the non-proprietary content and child pornography hosted on BitTorrent. However, Li rejected the plaintiff with this statement and said he had discussed these concerns with Justin Sun, and no legal review would be done.

The plaintiffs want $ 15 million in damages based on the allegations made. The plaintiffs filed witness statements and evidence to support the claims.

Both plaintiffs also seek compensation for alleged hostilities and retaliation against them as whistleblowers, among other claims. They accused Sun of pretending to be a young, aspiring "whiz kid". He involved in illegal activities and manipulates cryptocurrency for his personal profit.

In response to the lawsuit, Justin Sun and Cong Li issued a statement stating:

“TRON is unable to talk about the details of the ongoing case. But we can tell you that our customers, employees and the TRON community are important to us.”

The TRON foundation, BitTorrent, Sun and Li also contested the lawsuit, arguing against the grounds for the allegations and their factual substance.

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