Revolut X: a groundbreaking stand-alone crypto trading platform for experienced traders now live

The globally popular fintech firm Revolut introduces Revolut X. This is a separate crypto exchange platform created specifically for expert crypto traders. In an effort to compete with other top-rate exchanges, Revolut X offers effortless transfers and competitive fees.

The launch of this new crypto product represents another step towards Revolut's ambition to be the number one financial app for all crypto users—no matter if they're beginners or professionals. It offers them a secure and user-friendly trading platform.

Revolut X: a new era in crypto trading

With the launch, skilled crypto traders can now trade over 100 tokens via a desktop version of the new independent exchange platform created by the UK's leading fintech.

Trading on Revolut X is easy and affordable with zero fees for creators and a nominal 0.09% fee for takers. Backed by Revolut's robust framework, current customers can efficiently switch between regular currency and crypto within both their Revolut X and traditional Revolut accounts. No fees, no obstacles, just smooth trading.

If you're a trader using Revolut X, you need a standard Revolut account. Here, you'll get real-time trading access and deep-dive analytics. These are designed to keep you in the loop with the newest market trends so you're always informed when making your trades.

Plus, you'll get technical indicators and fully integrated TradingView charts. This means you get easy-to-use tools for watching the market, like dashboards that highlight the most-traded tokens, the biggest gainers, and the top market cap coins.

Taking their commitment to the cryptocurrency market to the next level, Revolut launched Revolut X following their successful partnership with MetaMask and the introduction of Revolut Ramp - a feature enabling users to purchase crypto directly from their Web3 wallets.

Revolut X is all about making crypto trading safer in the UK. As the first regular finance company to join the crypto world, Revolut is boosting the security of trading. Plus, it also helps customers learn more about crypto using its educational 'Learn' module.

Most funds are stored safely offline, and help from customer service is just a chat away around the clock. Revolut diligently guards your account from unauthorized access with top-notch risk detection tools. Additionally, all custodians are handpicked following extensive background checks to ensure your funds remain safe.

The head of crypto exchange products at Revolut, Leonid Bashlykov, communicated that Revolut offers an esteemed service to the UK's crypto community.

Revolut's excitement over the roll-out of their new crypto product was palpable. They firmly believe that this tip-top trading platform is set to shift paradigms for experienced crypto traders - providing them a secure and accessible platform to conduct their trade.

At the heart of all Revolut's endeavors lies a persistent dedication to customer satisfaction. They recognize that competitive fees and an effortless on and off ramping experience are what seasoned traders value most in a crypto platform.

Armed with this insight, they've crafted the newly launched Revolut X - a stand-alone crypto trading platform whose services, supported by a vital partnership with MetaMask, are tailored to meet these needs precisely.

This move teethes their product offering firmly in the Web3 realm. Both Revolut and MetaMask are working together to create an empowering environment that presents opportunities for customers to profitably grow their wealth in either fiat or crypto.

UK crypto regulation progresses with Revolut launch

While Revolut is introducing this new platform, its home country is also busy drafting laws for stablecoins, crypto staking, exchange, and custody. These laws might be ready by this summer.

Last month, at the Innovate Finance Global Summit, Economic Secretary Bim Afolami announced the progression of their plans. He shared that they are now swiftly working to deliver the legislation necessary for finalizing proposals for their regime.

Once this becomes operational, a wide range of crypto asset activities will come under regulatory oversight for the first time. These include operations of exchanges, safeguarding of customers’ assets, and a range of other relevant functions.

Last fall, the British government announced plans to bring fiat-backed stablecoins under the oversight of the Bank of England, the Financial Conduct Authority, and the Payment Systems Regulator.