PrimeXBT Crypto Trading App Launches

PrimeXBT, an award-winning cryptocurrency trading platform, has launched an Android version of the company’s flagship smartphone application, providing access to a full slate of best-in-class trading tools and a vast assortment of today’s hottest trading instruments.

We’re breaking down what the brand new Android app has to offer the masses. We’ll also explain how this app has the potential to rapidly expand PrimeXBT’s stronghold.

PrimeXBT crypto trading app features

The PrimeXBT app closely mimics the browser-based experience that was once the only way to get your hands on the platform’s advanced trading tools. The new PriimeXBT crypto trading app is a native application, which makes for smooth user interaction and smooth future app updates.

Traders can tap into over 80 different active markets or manage their portfolios on the go. Because PrimeXBT lists everything from stock indices to bitcoin to gold and oil, the combination of a highly accessible mobile app further cements the platform as a one-stop shop.

Everything is included from making deposits to chatting with round-the-clock customer service. Some features that are yet to be included are related to the costing copy trading module and yield accounts, but PrimeXBT plans to add these in upcoming iterations of the app.

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The app is now available for download free of charge in the Google Play Store for Android devices. Be sure to download it and log yourself in. Even login protection takes advantage of the built-in biometrics features of many Android smartphones. The app allows new users to sign up for a free account if just getting started.

New PrimeXBT app launches for 3 billion active Android users worldwide

PrimeXBT’s app can reach multiple users, so the easy way to register is a bonus for those new to crypto. According to statistics, there are currently over 300 million cryptocurrency users including investors, traders or enthusiasts. The phrase “it’s still early” for crypto is accurate.

This number is a small fraction of the Android user base, which helps to demonstrate just how huge an Android app release can be. The app has been available for iOS users for some time. However, by launching in Android, the PrimeXBT app could potentially reach 3 billion active users.

According to Sameer Samat, Vice President of Product Management at Google, speaking at the annual Google I/O conference, Android devices reached the 3 billion user milestone during 2021 and have only grown since then. PrimeXBT, a leader in the crypto space, is poised to grow rapidly, with the cryptocurrency industry rapidly expanding into other technologies such as smartphones.

In addition to downloading the brand new PrimeXBT Android app, the company also offers a number of innovations designed to make the crypto industry more accessible to all. Costing copy trading lets newcomers tap into the experience of other traders globally, yield accounts enable passive income through staking, and a contest section allows traders to learn how to trade in real time with virtual funds.

The company also recently launched its PrimeXBT Trading Academy service to educate new investors and traders about the crypto markets. Whether using the app or making use of other key PrimeXBT benefits, users will always have the best and most diverse the industry has to offer.

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