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HYCM Launches ETFs Through Its MT5 Platform

Feb 20, 2020
Giles Coghlan
70 lawmakers from Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party are prepared to release their proposals to issue cryptocurrency tomorrow.
EURUSD Bears are facing barrier at 1.10. The current selling pressure from 1.070 is still in focus with a primary target of 1.0920.
After a certain bearish correction towards the $9100 support level, the current bullish momentum of Bitcoin may extend above $10,000.
Gold inside Support Zone may Continue Bullish Trend with target towards $1600. Despite the recent impulsive Bearish move, certain upward pressure may occur.
Blockchain and AI technology might help to tackle coronavirus. Blockchain would make it possible to record and track all donations transparently.
Oil Pushed Higher Breaking $51.50 Resistance for a Reversal or Retracement. Despite having strong Bearish trend, the price countered impulsively.
From the technical point of view USD/JPY stays above both 50 Moving average (red line) and 200 Moving Average (dark blue line), which is a signal of the bullish trend.
Is Whotrades Ltd scam or reliable? Today, the CySEC announced that, at its meeting held on January 27, 2020, it decided to withdraw its CIF license.
ConsenSys, an Ethereum-bases blockchain outfit, is slashing 14 percent of its workforce amid a major restructuring in its core business model.
The IOTA project has presented a series of updates called Chrysalis. IOTA Chrysalis Update will modify the long-standing IOTA principles.
Traders added nearly 3.5K contracts to their open interest positions in Copper futures markets on Wednesday. Will the rebound extend further?
EURUSD Bearish Trend Continues towards 1.0920 Support after pushing below 1.1075. The price may consolidate before continuing the Bearish pressure.
The smart deposit contract for the Ethereum 2.0 Update has completed the formal verification and audit bytecode. The ETH 2.0 beacon chain are also underway.
Bitcoin Sustaining Bullish Momentum to push Higher again towards $10,000 price area. Despite certain Bearish intervention, Bullish bias is still strong.
Zero-Knowledge Proofs allow you to avail data security while making any transaction. In this section, we will explain Zero-Knowledge Proofs in detail.
Gold Strong Bearish pressure broke below $1560 Support area with a daily close recently. The price is currently heading towards $1535 area again.
ESMA advises the EC (European Commission) on CFD restrictions and Binary Options ban. ESMA requests for clarifications on the product intervention measures.
Oil Bulls Struggling to push Higher from $50 Support as Coronavirus spreads further. As the number of infected rises, Oil prices dips lower.
On Monday EUR/USD moved down to 200 Moving Average (dark blue line) dynamic support and stayed around it during Tuesday.
Bitspark, a bankless money transfer solution utilizing blockchain technology, will be shutting down in a month, despite reporting positive results.