New NordFX Super Lottery: 202 Prizes in 2022

The NordFX brokerage company started a new super lottery on March 1, which will give away 200 cash prizes of 250, 500, and 1,250 USD, as well as 2 two super prizes of 10,000 USD each. The total prize fund will be 100,000 USD.

Unlike traders' competitions, the undoubted advantage of this NordFX lottery is that its participants do not have to show exceptional results in trading in the financial markets. Both experienced professionals and beginners have equal chances of winning in this case.

Another advantage is that lottery winners receive their winnings not as bonuses, but as real money, which, if they wish, can be either used in further trading or withdrawn without any restrictions.

The first lottery was held in 2021 and was a great success: more than 20 thousand tickets participated in it. The draws were held online using an electronic lottery drum, and everyone could follow them. And now, a year later, the NordFX brokerage company has decided to hold a new lottery. Its slogan is More Prizes, More Winners. 202 prizes will be drawn in 2022 in three stages: 140 prizes of $250, 40 prizes of $500, 20 prizes of $1,250, and 2 super prizes of $10,000. Draws will take place on July 04, October 04, 2022, and January 04, 2023.

It is very easy to take part in the lottery and get a chance to win one or even several of these prizes. It is enough to have a Pro account in NordFX (and for those who do not have it - register and open a new one), top it up with $200 and... just trade.

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Having made a trading turnover of only 2 lots in Forex currency pairs or gold (or 4 lots in silver), the trader will automatically receive a virtual lottery ticket. The number of such lottery tickets for one participant is not limited. The more deposits and the greater the turnover, the more lottery tickets the participant will have, and the greater their chances of becoming a winner. (If you look at the statistics of the last lottery, you will see that some of its most active participants were able to win two, and even three prizes).

Visit the NordFX website at for more details. You can become a participant in the Super Lottery 2022 and start receiving lottery tickets right now.

Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.


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