Neuronchain Launches P2P Exchange Neuronex With Advance Blockchain Systems

Neuronchain has launched the NeuronEx platform, the P2P exchange for instant and safe purchase of cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world.

September 28, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – The crypto community has become numb to news of the demise of an exchange or the introduction of a new one for the apparent reason: the crypto exchange landscape is a volatile terrain filled with opportunities and an equal measure of risks.

Therefore, the news of the launch of a new crypto exchange is nothing to get excited about – at least that was what I thought before I discovered NeuronChain’s newly launched peer to peer exchange, Neuronex. To my surprise, the exchange deviates from the narratives commonly used as the anchor for a new crypto trading product.

Neuronchain Capitalizes on The Shortcomings of Conventional Financial Systems

In what seems like an attempt to capitalize on the robust functionalities of crypto infrastructures, NeuronChain, an open-source fourth-generation blockchain network, is trying to solve problems hampering decentralized networks especially slow speeds and lack of scalability. The payment system has developed a p2p platform for the trading of cryptocurrencies.

NeuronChain focuses on simplifying the process involved in buying, selling, exchanging, and storing digital assets, albeit in a scalable, safe, and profitable environment. In light of this, the project adopts a multi-layered blockchain architecture that allows it to combine the speed of traditional payment systems with the transparency and decentralization of crypto technology. This hybrid design provides NeuronChain with the level of dynamism required to outstrip both conventional and blockchain payment systems.

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For one, the network incorporates DELEGATED PROOF oF IMPORTANCE (DPOI) and Transactions as Proof-of-Stake (TaPoS) consensus mechanisms to ensure that the system delivers high throughput, negligible transaction fees, a scalable design, a decentralized ecosystem, and a secure infrastructure. As a result of its innovative approach, NeuronChain can process over 100,000 transactions per second, provide cross-chain services, host decentralized apps, and even power decentrally processed crypto cards. One of the applications powered by this robust blockchain system is NeuronEx.

What Is So Special About NeuronEx?

According to the information made available, NeuronEx is an innovative peer to peer exchange with an intuitive user interface focused on delivering user-centric services to crypto participants. As such, the exchange imposes a minimal registration procedure and promotes a trading ecosystem where participants get to trade directly with little or no need for intermediaries. Hence, the exchange has managed to keep commission fees low and enabled an instant order processing network.

More importantly, users of NeuronEx can access crypto cards and cross border payments and other functionalities of the NeuronChain blockchain like the Neuron Wallet, a decentralized multi-currency storage system designed to transfer control of digital assets back to users. This product offers improved features for the tracking, transfer, and deposit of cryptocurrency all in one place. Another benefit is access to a unique economy fueled by the NRON coin. With this, users can profit off the network’s reward program.

Users utilizing NRON to pay for commissions automatically enjoy a 50% discount. Besides, the exchange offers users a 50% discount on commissions for the first month after registration. There is also an affiliate program enabled on the platform where members earn 50% of commissions paid by referrals. The platform also plans to issue NeuronEx Master Cards with decentralized processing in January 2021. The cards will offer up to 70% reduced fees compared to other fiat cards.

Knowing fully well that the crypto landscape is slowly becoming a hub for institutional traders, NeuronEx has ensured that its financial system not only encompasses features targeted at retail traders but also incorporates a B2P architecture. As such, the exchange offers unique rewards to professional merchants. By doing so, Neuronex has positioned itself to capitalize on the current market trend and expand the scope of its operations. 

Neuronex encapsulates all of the benefits of NeuronChain

As noted by Maxim Beskorovaynyy, co-founder and Chief Blockchain Architect of NeuronChain, Neuronex encapsulates all of the benefits of NeuronChain, which include security, flexibility, decentralization, and much more:

"Among the main advantages of the NeuronEx platform is, firstly, to unite the P2P market and the exchange service on one platform, where a client can buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies directly through NeuronEx. The second advantage is having the ability to get your own NRON coin, by using which, you can get a 50% discount when paying NeuronEx fees. Our team has created a completely secure service with solid guarantees, operated under the license of Estonia No. FVT000032. We are grateful to all our partners and clients for their trust and positive feedback on our collaboration skills,"

What coins does Neuronex support?

For now, the exchange supports BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, EMC, DASH, and DOGE. But in the middle of August, once it launches its decentralized Neuron Wallet, the following coins will be added: EOS, BCH, BSV, EURT, USDT, CNHT, and XAUT. This move aligns with the project’s goal to facilitate inclusive and robust financial tools to engage seamlessly with the crypto market.

While this is a given, NeuronChain is also doubling up on its efforts to achieve a truly advanced financial ecosystem. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that, before mid-August, it will launch a mobile decentralized wallet with cross-border payment features and the ability to configure bank cards. Without any doubt, this plan fits perfectly into NeuronChain’s principles and will provide added benefits to Neuronex users.

Judging by NeuronChain’s versatile payment ecosystem that includes a blockchain infrastructure, a p2p exchange, a cross-border payment system, a wallet, an API for seamless integration, and crypto dCards, it is clear that this project is much more than a trading network. Instead, a” marketplace bridging the crypto and fiat worlds” is a more succinct description.

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