McLaren Enters the Metaverse and Will Start Making NFTs

British luxury carmaker McLaren has yet again pushed the envelope by turbocharging into the metaverse with its launch of the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) LAB.

The metaverse is now spreading and an increasing number of brands have decided to join it to take advantage of economic opportunities. One of the latest arrivals is McLaren, the famous car manufacturer who, together with InfiniteWorld, has decided to enter into a partnership for NFT and Metaverse.

The goal of the partnership is to promote the brand through digital content to be sold to its audience in the form of an NFT. Therefore, fans of the brand will have the opportunity to purchase virtual reproductions of British supercars and live real experiences, yet to be defined.

McLaren lands in the metaverse

McLaren's collaboration with InfiniteWorld is aimed at guaranteeing the famous brand entering the metaverse and offering its fans inclusive experiences to enhance its image in the market.

According to Gareth Dunsmore, McLaren Automotive's Chief Marketing Officer, this initiative is increasingly in demand from customers and fans who are thrilled by the opportunity to have real experiences with the brand they love. The partnership should aim to push user experience with the McLaren brand beyond boundaries.
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This new partnership also creates interesting implications for the entire Formula 1 sector, the costs of which are becoming increasingly unsustainable even for the big brands.

Indeed, it would appear that the rules of "power" are changing. Whoever succeeds in guaranteeing a greater following in the Formula 1 sector will have greater political weight in various areas.

On the other hand, the US is increasingly willing to offer a type of competition that resembles a Netflix TV series and always hand it to a racing championship. This is a real twist that, however, should benefit this sport, embracing an ever-increasing number of fans.

Cryptocurrencies and NFT vital resources for Formula 1

It is important to point out that McLaren is not the only reality that has embraced the metaverse or everything related to the world of cryptocurrencies. For example, the Tezos project supports Red Bull, Fantom is the partner of Alpha Tauri, FTX collaborates with Merced. Instead, is the official sponsor of the Miami Grand Prix which will take place next weekend in May. is certainly one of the most important players who is investing a lot of money in the Formula 1 project and in sport in general. In fact, it is not uncommon for the brand to be found in other sports disciplines such as football.

In any case, Formula 1 is a real money machine but the costs to participate are becoming increasingly unsustainable, even for the largest teams. However, it is unthinkable that the Formula 1 show will stop overnight. That is why the stables must find alternative ways of earning so that their presence in the major competition is still sustainable from an economic point of view.

Could the metaverse and NFTs be a viable alternative? Let us know in the comment section below.

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