Kohle Capital Markets Launches New Forex Pair USD/THB


  • From 29th March 2021 onwards, a new forex pair, USD to Thai Baht will be added to the Kohle Capital Markets trading platform.
  • The pair is added to cater the strong trend of the Thai baht.
  • As the epidemic eases,the tourism industry recovers, and with it, investment opportunities follow.
  • The Asian economic marketsare gradually recovering and trending up.

April 14, 2021 | AtoZ Markets We are proud to announce that Kohle Capital Markets has launched a new product: US dollar against Thai baht (product code: USD/THB ) on the 29th March 2021.

All investors who have opened an account on our platform can trade this product without restrictions. We believe this new product will enable our clients to seize the strong investment opportunities as the Asian economy recovers.

As we all know Covid-19 gave a strong blow to the tourism industry. Thai baht, the currency of a well-known tourist hub, should have been severely affected by the epidemic, however, no major impact was seen in its exchange rate against the USD, similar to Renminbi, Thai baht stands strong due to its increasing volume in export, its value has appreciated even during the most serious epidemic period, and even hit a record high of 1 USD to 29.7830 Baht during middle of December 2020.

Kohle Capital Markets Launches New Forex Pair USDTHB

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With the gradual increase in global vaccine supplies, the recovery of the tourism industry is expected and as income from tourism represents a large portion of Thailand’s GDP. The reopening of the tourism industry is believed to have a positive impact on the exchange rate of the Thai baht. Thus, we believe adding this pair now will give our investors an investment opportunity.

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In the past few years, Kohle Capital Markets™ has maintained an excellent trading environment and has shown an ever-increasing in market share. In 2020 alone, the transaction volume of its institutional clients has grown by 22.8%, and it is now focused on expanding its business to retail clients.

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