New HYCM Affiliate program review

AtoZ Approved FCA authorized Forex Broker HYCM upgrades its affiliate program! Gain insights on the broker's improved features with the new HYCM Affiliate program review. Has HYCM lifted the CPA rates? 

HYCM - HYCM has just launched an updated version of its affiliate program, HY Affiliates. It is aiming to improve its affiliates’ overall experience as they navigate the site.

New HYCM affiliate program review details

Next to updating its affiliate program, HYCM has launched a brand new website where prospective partners can browse each commission plan. Also, they can set up their registration in a matter of minutes.

HYCM will be offering new and improved CPA rates for referred clients to further incentivise affiliates who sign up to the program, resulting in one of the most attractive affiliate programs in the industry. According to HYCM:

“As a multi-regulated broker with 40 years’ experience behind it, those signing up for the scheme will benefit from working with a broker with a solid industry reputation and an unequaled range of compensation packages.

The upgrades we have introduced have been created to offer our affiliates an improved experience, and of course, the opportunity to reap the rewards from even higher CPA rates”.


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HYCM affiliates' benefits

HYCM partners stand to benefit from a variety of commission programs along with a fully supported team at HYCM. The company offers multi-level marketing rebate tiers and customizable marketing. Moreover, HYCM affiliates' benefits include a range of advertising tools and local office and events support. All the services are aiming to assist its partners in building their business and exploit their earning potential.

Furthermore, affiliates have a series of advantages available to them. This includes easy accessing the data relating to their referrals and obtaining creative materials. Other HYCM affiliates' benefits include keeping the record of earnings and performance and managing all payments in a simplistic manner.

The partnership program will appeal to those seeking to expand their online business. It also will be suitable for those, who look to enhance their earning potential from tapping into the Forex industry. To conclude the new HYCM affiliate program review, the updated version is mobile, tablet and desktop responsive and can be accessed at


Click here to become an affiliate with HYCM and see the improved CPA rates.

About HYCM

HYCM is a leading provider of online FX and CFD trading services to retail and institutional investors. HYCM has a 40-year operational history. It is focusing on client satisfaction and technological advancement. HYCM has become the online broker of choice for investors across the globe.

HYCM is part of the Henyep Group, an international conglomerate with businesses in financial services, property, education, and charity. It is providing access to a range of asset classes including currencies, commodities, metals, shares, and indices.Moreover, HYCM is represented globally with offices in United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Cyprus and Dubai.

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  1. Henrik Current says:

    It seems to me that this is one of the most convenient to use among the affiliate programs in the financial markets. For example, the interface of the personal account is user-friendly.

  2. Steffen says:

    Tried out several programs and all of them brought me some profits. The matter here is to have a desire to earn funds.

  3. Anberr says:

    For all traders and investors as well as for their clients HY Affiliates is a very good way to control and increase investments. It offers the opportunity to earn high levels of commission from reliable affiliate programmes. Your clients can generate high conversion rates with your traffic. With cross platform wide range of marketing tools optimised for web and all mobile devices it will be very easy for all to control and manage all invest ideas. Recommended!

  4. Erik says:

    It seems to me that the HYCM broker made the right decision when he decided to provide an opportunity for traders to become partners and earn extra money.
    This is a great benefit for both parties.
    The broker gets the best advertising and the trader has the opportunity to earn extra money for his trade.
    I also want to say that the broker really helps partners and provides various tools for analysis and trading.

  5. Enteng says:

    It is hard for me to believe that I thought I could trade in the Forex market.
    Actually I am still studying on a demo account HYCM. I really really hope that something good will come of it. Yet, looks like this simply doesn't fit my nature.
    On the other hand little experience helped me to discover the new opportunity - affiliate marketing for this broker. I've started half a year ago and so far have already got several payouts. I think that given some effort one can benefit from this program a lot better than making some chaotic trades on the market.

  6. Leo Koskinen says:

    I combine trading with the HYCM broker and partnering with HY affiliates. This gives me a chance to apply my knowledge in trading and market research. I attract clients by posting my thoughts about possible price action in the Forex market. I use social media and a personal website for that. Actually, the number of leads is constant and growing as there are any people interested in trading. I do not want to be restricted in terms of geos so I prefer dealing within the CPA commission plan. Besides, my earnings do not depend on traders’ volume of deals as I get a one-time payout when they register an account, deposit and start trading.

  7. Al Smits says:

    I really like the fact that the HY affiliate program has the ability to give a bonus to my trading account as soon as my referral makes a deposit. I think that this very motivates HYCM partners to work better and the broker gets the best advertising. Therefore, I think that affiliate programs are beneficial for both sides.

  8. Auguste Gautier says:

    I found the HY affiliate program accidentally. I was already working with a couple of brokers before, but I was surprised to see such high payouts here. So I switched to the HYCM broker as everything is clear and the reputation is decent. Trading conditions are fine as well. It’s good that the broker can withdraw affiliate commissions to a trading account. So I can increase my earnings by trading. The overall impression is very positive, and I’m looking forward to launch more campaigns this year.

  9. Tuomo Malmi says:

    I am glad to sign three new clients for the HYCM brokerage. All of them come from first-tier countries, so I am planning to increase my marketing budget significantly next month. I appreciate the help that my affiliate manager provided as I needed to clarify dozens of questions. I’m new to this kind of business, although I have a background of three years in trading. Now I can be sure about a stable income level that does not depend on my trading results. The HY affiliate program offers a great opportunity to start a new business, and I will definitely continue moving forward.

  10. Nataniel Wysocki says:

    I started using the services of a HYCM broker a year ago. I trade successfully and I like that there is such a chance to make money.
    I am ashamed to admit that I only recently learned about the affiliate program of this broker. I realized that I can just tell people about my trade and have money for it in the future. Therefore, sometimes I write different HYCM reviews and people ask me about my broker. HYCM gives a bonus once every time your friend opens a trading account, and you can also receive regular bonuses depending on the volume of your friends' trading.


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