Fxview Partner Programme

Affiliates and Introducing brokers can grow their business more efficiently than ever with the Fxview Partner Programme. The flexible remuneration package that the brokerage offers, allows them to effectively diversify their income streams across CPA and commission-based earnings whereby they can generate up to 70% in commission on the trading activities of the clients they introduce to Fxview.

The Fxview Partner Programme also offers affiliates and IBs full marketing support to grow their online presence, providing them with all the promotional and marketing materials they need to achieve better conversion rates.

Affiliate marketers with solid connections in the online trading space and Introducing Brokers can register with the programme fee-free and start sharing their referral link right away. The programme also gives them the opportunity to become master affiliates and have a group of sub-affiliates under them.

What the Fxview Partner Programme has to offer 

Fxview has developed a well-rounded programme for IBs, Affiliates, Fund Managers and White Labels. Some of the programme’s core features are:

  • Attractive payouts: Fxview Affiliate and IB Partners benefit from a hybrid payment structure that can easily fit their business model, allowing them to grow both their CPA and commission-based earnings significantly.
  • A choice of MAM/PAMM account management plans: Fund Managers can become Master Traders for their referrals and manage several sub-accounts from a single Master account. Master Traders have the option to customise their profit-sharing plan to their liking.
  • More growth opportunities with White Label: Fxview White Label partners can take advantage of a fully-fledged, tailored brokerage solution with comprehensive back-office systems and seamless access to top-tier, aggregated liquidity. Every White Label solution is tailored to allow partners to maximise their conversion and earning potential.

Fxview Partners enjoy advanced technology solutions and features, including: 

  • Cutting-edge trading technology suite for web and mobile
  • Full back-office and technical support all
  • Access to multi-asset liquidity
  • Complete integration of any trading infrastructure
  • Robust trading environment
  • External Integrations
  • Dedicated training sessions for White Label brokerage internal teams
  • Quick and easy setup

Refer a Friend & Loyalty Programmes 

Fxview’s referral programme enjoys great popularity among traders for its extra benefits. The ‘Refer a Friend’ programme, for example, gives traders the chance to earn $20 for every friend they refer to Fxview. In addition, when the referral registers through the invitation email, they get an extra $20.

Joining the programme is smooth and straightforward. To be included in the ‘Refer a Friend’, traders have to register with Fxview or log in to their existing trading account. Next, they can start inviting friends by filling out the form in the Client Area. Their friends will receive an email invitation and will have to follow a few easy steps to sign up.

Fxview also runs a loyalty programme which allows traders to win reward points for every action from sign-up to account verification and funding.

Commitment to Quality 

Fxview remains committed to offering best-in-class trading conditions and environment so its clients can thrive.

Well-known for its professional and responsive customer service, the brokerage firm is regulated and registered with multiple regulatory bodies worldwide. Placing great emphasis on client security, Fxview does its utmost to ensure client data and fund safety, in line with its regulatory coverage. 

In addition, Fxview is a RAW ECN broker, meaning it offers raw prices (without any mark-up) on all its asset classes. Furthermore, the company offers the same spreads as its liquidity providers and the lowest commissions - $1/$100,000 - alongside zero-cost funding. 

Adopting a client-centric approach to trading, Fxview understands traders’ needs in terms of transparency, affordable trading, advanced technology and security. This is why, it has created a robust and transparent trading environment ruled by competitive pricing and swift execution. 

Furthermore, the broker’s vast product range, customer support and strategic investment in technology development equip traders with the arsenal they need to navigate the financial markets with confidence.

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