Forex Economic Calendar 2017 - Overview of Key Events

Begin with the Forex economic calendar 2017, a look at trading year ahead and events traders should be aware of in 2017. Starting with the month of January until December 2017. Opportunities arise through uncertainty and 2017 is such an year. Will you take advantage?

02 Janaury, AtoZForex – What do markets have in store for traders? A brief outline of the Forex economic Calendar in 2017. A look at the key events traders should be aware of in 2017, the Year of the Red Chicken. General events that present opportunities for traders throughout the year.

USA Forex Economic calendar 2017

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  • FOMC related events - Jan 4; Feb 1, 22; Mar 15; Apr 5; May 3, 25; Jun 14; Jul 5, 26; Aug 16; Sept 20; Oct 11; Nov 1, 22; Dec 13;
  • Weekly Unemployment Claims - Jan 5, 12, 19, 26; Feb 2, 9, 16, 23; Mar 2, 9, 16, 23, 30; Apr 6, 13, 20, 27; May 4, 11, 18, 25; Jun 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; Jul 6, 13, 20, 27; Aug 3, 10, 17, 24, 31;  Sept 7, 14, 21, 28; Oct 5, 12, 19, 26; Nov 2, 9, 16, 23, 30;  Dec 7, 14, 21, 28;
  • Non-Farm Payroll - Jan 6; Feb 3; Mar 10; Apr 7; Jun 2; Jul 7; Aug 4;  Sept 1; Oct 6; Nov 3; Dec 8;

UK Forex Economic calendar 2017

  • Inflation Report - Feb 2, 21; May 11, 23; Jun 14; Aug 3; Sept 6; Oct 11; Nov 2, 14;
  • Official Bank Rate - Feb 2; May 11; Jun 15; Aug 3;  Sept 14; Oct 5, 12, 19, 26; Dec 14;
  • CPI (y/y) - Jan 17; Feb 14; Mar 21; Apr 11; May 16; Jun 13; Jul 18; Aug 15; Sept 12; Oct 17; Nov 14; Dec 12;
  • Preliminary GDP (q/q) - Jan 26; Apr 28; Jul 26; Oct 25; Nov 3;

Europe Forex Economic calendar 2017

  • Minimum Bid Rate - Jan 19; Mar 9; Jun 8; Jul 20; Sept 7; Oct 26; Dec 14;
  • German Preliminary GDP (q/q) - Feb 14; May 12; Aug 15; Nov 14;

Japan Forex Economic calendar 2017

  • BoJ Policy Rate - Jan 31; Mar 16; Apr 27; Jun 16; Jul 20; Sept 21; Oct 31; Dec 21;
  • Preliminary GDP (q/q) - Feb 12; May 17; Aug 13; Nov 12;

Month-by-month Forex Economic Calendar 2017

January - Forex Economic calendar 2017

There will two main events in January.

  1. USA President Inauguration

    Mr Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States as he gets sworn in on 20 January. The inauguration officially puts him in the White House after the election victory on 8 November. President Elect Trump will use his 100 days to re-negotiate environmental and trade deals, remains to be seen. What is said on the podium is going to set the tone and direction of future US policies over the next four years.


  2. Brexit Supreme Court Judgment

    UK Supreme Court ruling on a UK government's appeal against the High Court judgment that the UK Parliament must have the final say on invoking Article 50. This begins the two year Brexit process formally.

    Why is this challenge being made?

    UK PM Theresa May is keen not to have her plan of action for the future Brexit negotiations scrutanised by fellow MP's. Even though majority are expected to vote for Article 50.  Any amendments to her Brexit negotiations will impact the UK negotiating stance. Hard or soft Brexit?


March - Forex Economic calendar 2017

There will three main events in March.

  1. UK Chancellor Phillip Hammond's first budget

    After the Autumn statement in November 2016, where Mr Hammond stated growth prediction cuts due to the Brexit vote.  This is the Chancellor’s first budget on 8 March, where markets can expect growth links to Brexit and Article 50. According to figures released last month indicates UK is on track to achieve less ambitious deficit reduction targets.  A huge rise in borrowing and weak growth is expected.

  2. Brexit and Article 50

    UK PM Theresa May has already stated to commence the formal Brexit process by the of March. Triggering Article 50 for UK's EU withdrawal, starting the negotiation process. The planned UK exit (provided there are no further hitches) will be in the summer or autumn of 2019.

    Trade GBPUSD, EURGBP and GBP cross pairs.

  3. Dutch General Elections 

    The General elections are planned to be held on 15 March 2017 to elect all 150 members of theHouse of Representatives.  From 2002 until 2012, five elections have taken place. The surprising thing is that no cabinet has completed its full four year term. After the 2012 elections, the People's Party of Freedom and Democracy (VVD) formed a coalition government with the Labour Party (PvdA) under Mark Rutte (VVD), removing the Christain Democratic Appeal from power.


April - Forex Economic calendar 2017

There is two main events during April:

  1. French Presidential Elections

    After President François Hollande announced he would not be seeking re-election on 23 April. It has become a race between the Republican candidate François Fillon and Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front (FN).According to the polls François Fillon has a narrow lead. Under President Nicolas Sarkozy, he served as Prime Minister. He wants to scrap the 35 hour week, cut half a million jobs in the public sector, as part of his wider radical austerity plan, in favour of removing French nationality rights for those jihadists returning home from Iraq and Syria. François Fillon wants to work with Russia and assist Syrian President Bashar al-Assad defeat Islamic State.Marine Le Pen is a strong Euro sceptic, a Frexiter, anti-immigration candidate and believes her chances of becoming the first French Female President are high, following Donald Trump's victory in USA. She has also praised Russian president Vladimir Putin.

    Trade EURUSD, EURCHF and EUR cross pairs.

  2. Scotland - New powers

    The Scottish Government will take control over income taxes and bands. The new powers will give it right to decide how the monies raised in 2017-18 is spent. A history event, in that there will be possible separate policies on either side of the border for the first time. The responsibility for providing independent fiscal forecasts will be undertaken by the Scottish Fiscal Commission. The Scottish Government will take over other areas such as employment support, management of Crown estates. Trade GBPUSD, EURGBP.

May - Forex Economic calendar 2017

There is three events during May:

  1.  Presidential race in Iran

    Whether Hassan Rouhani succeeds or fails will impact the Middle East and beyond. He has become the favourite because of his success in brokering a deal with the USA and five other world powers. However, concerns have grown at his ability to shape the country's agenda, especially from the Revolutionary Guard.

    With a new USA President at the helm, has created uncertainty regarding the nuclear deal.  Whatever the outcome and if Iran decides to take a strong stance, will have a strong impact on the Middle East and beyond.

    Trade WTI Oil , Brent Crude.

  2. UK and Scottish local elections

    UK wide and Scottish local elections, expect major political changes in Scotland. The Scottish National Party is expected to make gains in Labour strongholds.  The Labour Party will also be tested in the English County Council elections. It will also be a test for the leadership of Theresa May.


  3. German regional elections - Schleswig-Holstein and North-Rhine Westphalia

    If the Social Democrats lose to the Christian Democratic Union, this will be good for Angela Merkel going into September elections.


July - Forex Economic calendar 2017

There is one event to focus on in July:

  1.  G20 summit

    President Donald Trump 
meets President Vladimir Putin for the first time. As he sits with other world leaders to discuss international financial stability. It will be interesting to note if his diplomatic skills will be tested.

    Trade - cautious with trading.

September - Forex Economic calendar 2017

There one key event to focus on in September

  1.  German Parliamentary Elections

    With Merkels dominance being challenged, with backlash of the refugee policy she has pursed in the last year. She has been the sole rock of European integration, whilst surrounded by years of crisis. Should she run for the fourth term, it will end up as a referendum on her leadership. At present, a change in Germany's leadership will impact the political foundations of the European project.

    Trade - EURUSD and EUR cross pairs.

Other - Forex Economic calendar 2017

There two key event to focus in 2017:

  1.  Chinese Communist 19th Party Congress

    Chinese dominance growing globally with Xi Jinping as a powerful leader. He is expected to continue to rule until 2022 after consolidating his power at the upcoming party congress in the second half of this year.  China has both political and economic challenges to faces, with a frosty start expected with the new incoming USA administration. Tensions are expected to continue to rise.

  2. Turkey - Erdogan ambition

    We could see Mr Erdogan fulfil his main ambition this year to the post of Executive President. This would make him the undisputed head of both  government and state, making him the most powerful Turkish leader since the founder of Turkey.

    Following the coup and continuing terrorists attacks, support to give Mr Erdogan further power has increased. A referendum is expected in either April or May, a "yes vote" would indicate further empowerment. Opponents on the other hand argue for a "no vote" and view it as the last opportunity to stop a dictatorship.

Have we missed out anything, place your comment below. Do you see things differently? 

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