FiCAS Lists Actively Managed Bitcoin ETP on Swiss SIX Exchange

FiCAS AG has registered the Bitcoin Capital Active ETP (BTCA), an actively managed crypto ETP listed on the Swiss SIX exchange. 

July 28 2020 | AtoZ Markets – Today, Bitcoin Capital, a new exchange-traded product (ETP) issuer on the Swiss stock exchange, launches the very first actively-managed Crypto ETP tradable on a regulated marketplace.

This takes the number of ETP providers available at SIX to 5, and the number of ETPs to 31. This further strengthens the position of the Swiss Stock Exchange as the world’s leading market place for regulated crypto products.

FiCAS Active ETP covers the top 15 cryptos on Swiss SIX Exchange

With their newly tradable ETP at SIX, Bitcoin Capital offers exposure to a discretionary product featuring cryptocurrencies as underlying assets. The Bitcoin Capital Active ETP, managed by FiCAS AG and issued by Bitcoin Capital AG, covers the top 15 cryptocurrencies with active trading and risk management. Liquidity for this innovative product is provided by Flow Traders.

“We are delighted to welcome Bitcoin Capital to the family of ETP providers offering their product on our exchange. The Bitcoin Capital Active ETP is the first in its class and expands the existing ETP universe by offering access to an actively-managed crypto product. With the new listing, the segment of tradeable crypto instruments increases to over 140 products” says Alain Picard, Head Trading Sales & Management, Securities & Exchanges, SIX. “Crypto products at SIX registered a market turnover of more than CHF 360 million and accounted for 16’000 transactions in the first half of 2020.”

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FiCAS AG is a Swiss-based crypto investment management boutique. The firm devised the Bitcoin Capital Active ETP which is issued by Bitcoin Capital AG. The world’s first actively-managed exchange-traded product is available to both retail and institutional investors in Switzerland. It is also available in selected jurisdictions across Europe.

What is an ETP

One of the first lessons you’ll learn when you start investing is that diversification is key. Put all your hard-earned cash in one sector at your peril. On the other hand, investors know that where there is a risk, there is money to be made. Long-term portfolio management is all about managing that risk-reward balance.

Gaining exposure to individual cryptocurrencies is relatively risky. Reducing that risk means you can invest in cryptocurrency without the threat of losing your house or going bankrupt. This is where ETP comes in. They offer exposure to the entire market without you having to worry about custody or even own the underlying asset.

In fact, investors who aren’t comfortable with crypto volatility can gain exposure at a lower risk profile. That’s is why there is such fierce interest in the first mainstream US exchange to list a crypto-backed ETP. The SEC has repeatedly delayed decisions on Bitcoin ETFs from VanEck and Bitwise.

However, VanEck makes the top seven list for the firms with the largest ETP market share in the USA.

Furthermore, statistics tracker Statistia rates its assets under management approaching $36 billion. iShares ETPs tops the list with a staggering AUM over $1.32 trillion.

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