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ETX Capital CEO Resigns

ETX Capital CEO Resigns

January 11, 2019 | AtoZ Markets – ETX Capital one of the UK's leading online trading providers, offering spread betting and CFD trading services to retail, institutional and high net worth customers confirmed that the company's CEO Arman Tahmassebi left the firm. The news came over a year after his promotion to the position.

Tahmassebi Was Wished All the Best

Prior to working with ETX Capital, Arman Tahmassebi has been serving as the COO at London Capital Group Holdings plc. He also has served as Global Head of Operations at IG Group Holdings plc. Tahmassebi replaced Andrew Edwards in 2017 who resigned from ETX Capital CEO position after serving within the firm for 14 years.The changes at the betting and CFDs brokerage company’s London headquarters were made with immediate effect. According to the local news, Tahmassebi will be replaced by co-CEO Philip Adler, who was hired by ETX in 2018 as a chief operating officer, and John Wilson, who will perform day-to-day management responsibilities. Previously, John Wilson was a non-executive chairman of the company. Commenting on the ETX Capital news, Wilson expressed his gratitude to Tahmassebi from the company's board of directors. Wilson expressed his appreciation for his hard work and dedication as “the chief operating officer, and last year as CEO.” He made a significant and positive contribution to the development of the company, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors,” added the new director of the company.

What Do We Know About the New Company Leaders?

The new co-CEOs of ETX Capital have extensive experience in retail and institutional trading. For example, Philip Adler(pictured below) joined ETX in July 2018 as a chief operating officer after spending 20 years in business. During his career he held senior positions at GNI, MF Global, IG Group, Solo Capital and ED & F MAN.

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John Wilson (pictured below) has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of ETX Capital since 2010. He has spent most of his career in equity and equity markets and has extensive experience in the trading industry. For the past three decades, he has held senior positions at UBS, Lehman Brothers, and Baikal Global.

Changes in the management of ETX Capital occur at a critical moment for the European trade industry. After new regulatory changes in the sector, firms struggled to move to a new market environment.

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