Etana Crypto Custody Firm Reports Data Security Breach

Etana Custody, a cryptocurrency custody services provider for exchanges and traders has reported a data security breach. The breach also enabled an unauthorized external party to access its client user interface.

April 25, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – Etana Custody has suffered a data security breach last weekend, according to a memo reviewed by AtoZ Markets.

Etana security breach caused no damage to user funds

Etana said the breach, which occurred on April 18, resulted in an unauthorized external party to access its client user interface. According to the company, the security breach has not caused any damage to the user funds. Etana Custody firms offer cryptocurrency custody services to exchanges and institutions. The data security breach happened on 18 April and involved a third-party gaining unauthorized access to Etana’s client user interface.

A spokesperson from Etana clarified that the client funds are safe, and there has been no illegal siphoning off of user funds. However, some believe the attacker has taken some information. Etana security breach comes amidst the lockdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Investigation of Etana security breach underway

In its official memo, the company stated that an unauthorized third-party had gained access to the Etana Custody client user interface. The possibility of some information leak during the breach cannot be ruled out. However, user assets and securities have not been affected in any way. There have been no technical damages to the platform.

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Most importantly, the attacker was not able to make any unauthorized transactions from any user account. The internal security system identified the attack and triggered the alarm. The attack was neutralized, and further investigation into the incident is underway by Etana officials.

Sensitive data kept safe during Etana security breach

Etana security breach may have led to the leak of personal user information, including ID data like name, contact number, address, etc. Adding more details, the firm said that no information relating to a user’s government ID card, driving license and passport information was leaked. Thus, there was no breach of ultra-sensitive information was as per the firm.

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Kraken, the crypto exchange, works with Etana Custody. The exchange users employ Etana’s services to fund their accounts.  However, Kraken said that they have not experienced any fund mismatch and will soon contact Etana Custody for more details.

What do you make of the Etana Custody security breach? Was it a case of poor security? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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