Is Gatehub Crypto Wallet Safe After Data Breach?

A security researcher behind the data breach index site “Have I Been Pwned” said that personal information and password data of 1.4 million users of the Gatehub Crypto Wallet had been dumped online.

20 November 2019, AtoZMarkets – Personal data and passwords belonging to users of the GateHub electronic wallet uses the XRP Ledger protocol. However, that has been posted on a pirated community website. Ars Technica published and Troy Hunt (security researcher) confirmed that the compromised data belonged to Cryptocurrency wallet accounts, GateHub, and RuneScape bot EpicBot provider.

Gatehub Crypto Wallet Data Breach

The same press said that the databases in question. That also includes email addresses and saved passwords. Those have cryptographically hashed with bcrypt. It is a function which is among the most difficult to hack."

The 3.72 GB dump indicates that two-factor authentication keys, mnemonic phrases, and portfolio hash are also part of the data available in the dump. Besides, the information leaked on what Have I Been Pwned described as a "popular hacking forum."

A Twitter user also alerted Hunt on November 15. He stated that his GateHub credentials had been "found compromised on the dark web."

However, Gatehub experienced another data breach in June of this year. At the time, hackers broke into 100 XRP ledger wallets. And they fetched an estimated USD 10 million in cryptocurrency.

Earlier this year, the wallet provider also issued a warning about a phishing attack using emails from convincingly-looking domain names, such as ""

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It Is Not The First Time

Is Gatehub Crypto Wallet Safe? Gatehub faced a data breach earlier. In June, hackers would have been able to compromise around 100 XRP Ledger wallets. However, that resulted in the theft of nearly $ 10 million in funds.

Also, in June, Gatehub also hints that there was a fraudulent phishing campaign. That was targeting cryptocurrency wallet users. According to the company, GateHub's wallet users were getting malicious emails from addresses. That appeared to come from GateHub: "@" and "@"

As technology and security improve, hackers have become more creative with the scams and hacks they commit. However, one of the most disastrous hacks in recent years has been the Slovenian, NiceHash. A hacker stole about 4,700 bitcoins, worth about $ 64 million at the time of the hacking in December 2017. The platform described the highly skilled and organized attack security breach. That conducted using sophisticated social engineering.

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