CBOE to Launch New Currency Platform for FX Market

Cboe FX Markets will launch a new Central Limit Order Book platform called Cboe FX Central. It offers to trade for the most actively traded pairs in the Spot Forex market. It scheduled to launch on 29 June 2020.

25 June, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – Cboe FX Markets is the leading platform for foreign exchange (FX) trading for institutional investors worldwide. It also offers trading in a wide variety of products across multiple asset classes and geographies, including FX, options, futures, equities, exchange-traded products (ETP), and Cboe volatility index (VIX index).

Cboe FX Markets Will Launch New Central Limit Order Book

Cboe FX Markets will launch a new FX platform, Cboe FX Central, based on the existing retail exchange trading platform. Moreover, Cboe FX Central is an all-to-all market. All liquidity in the order book is robust, and every customer can immediately execute it.

Bryan Harkins, Head of Markets at Cboe Global Markets, also said:

“We believe there is a unique opportunity to improve upon the two central limit order books that currently exist in the FX market by providing a new central limit order book built on great technology and a unique market model designed to incentivize and democratize FX liquidity provision and market data”.

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Cboe FX Central is a new central limit order book. It also aims at bringing competition and innovation to the FX primary market. It will lunch on Monday, 29 June 2020. “With no average daily volume requirements, Cboe FX Central provides a more democratic model to access real-time data than the current primary markets where real-time data is provided to those that execute a certain monthly volume threshold. Any market participant on Cboe FX Central, regardless of the size or volume of its trading activity, can earn faster market data on Cboe FX Central on an order-by-order basis,” said Jonathan Weinberg, Head of Cboe FX.

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