Breaking news: Facebook buys

Following a remarkably active year of acquisitions; social network giant Facebook has announced the first acquisition of 2015. In alignment of the set path, Facebook has bought the California based voice-recognition tech-platform, with the prospective aim of developing voice control into its products, apps and platforms.

A noteworthy fact is that Facebook haven’t published any explicit information in regard to the acquisition price of the startup tech-firm, which in turn caused consternation among investors and traders. Inherently, the stock market is intertwined with foreign exchange and traders are instilled with the impact of Merger & Acquisition deals on the currency market.

Depending on the deal structure and price paid by Facebook for, FB stocks might appreciate accordingly, opening trading opportunities for various parties. Explanatory, due to the acquisition deal the interest of international investors in Facebook stock has increase correspondingly, hence a vast influx of foreign money into the U.S, which strengthen the U.S. Dollar.

In the meantime investors have not yet reacted to this acquisition as the price has depreciated 1.06% on intraday after the announcement.

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