Bitcoin Team Releases New Version of Bitcoin Core

The Bitcoin team releases a new Bitcoin Core version of the full-node client software just five months before the third halving of Bitcoin.

25 November, 2019 | AtoZMarketsBitcoin Core refers to both the complete node (transaction validation) and the user wallet of the Bitcoin software. The team is responsible for its development. Bitcoin Core is a direct descendant of the original Bitcoin client software released by Satoshi Nakamoto after the Bitcoin Whitepaper. New versions of Bitcoin Core are available every 3-4 months.

Bitcoin Core New Version For Effective Use of Memory

Bitcoin Core is the open-source development community. It develops and maintains the Bitcoin blockchain. It has released a new version of the complete software for nodes and wallet. Similar to the August 2019 release, this update could be the last before the planned halving of Bitcoin.

Using the Linux kernel, Mac OS 10.10+, and Windows 7 and later operating systems, the new version mainly supports the aforementioned operating systems. However, there is no backward compatibility. The latest version does not support the Mac OS Dark Mode theme, either.

The main changes that have been implemented by the version are related to speed and security. First, some of the features that would allow Bitcoin Core to run on limited-memory systems have been reconsidered. Development progress in this area can be attributed to the "Reduce Memory" repository. As a result, up to 9% of the memory can be saved.

Some special functions can be enabled or disabled for a particular existing wallet to improve the security level. Besides, full node operators can now blacklist or whitelist specific wallets. That is, giving them the ability to regulate peer authorization connecting to specified interfaces or IP addresses. If the permissions are not specified with an unaddressed or classless inter-domain routing (CIDR), then the implicit default permissions are the same as in previous versions.

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Other New Features

Bitcoin Core comes with a long list of small improvements and upgrades. It is now possible to start a pruned node immediately from the installation. For example, it is allowing users with limited disk space to start a new Bitcoin node quickly. Bitcoin Core also includes new features for the Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (PSBT) protocol.

It is useful for multi-signature and CoinJoin transactions. Likewise, there are several improvements in the field of wallet descriptors, which are particularly useful for programmers working on Bitcoin applications. The Bitcoin Core 0.19.0 nodes will also accept and relay transactions. That uses a future version of SegWit to ensure the smooth completion of future updates.

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