Top 3 Bitcoin Exchange without verification

Everybody wants a verification free service while opening an account in Bitcoin exchanges. Here, are the Top 3 Bitcoin Exchange without verification

14 February, AtoZForex – Authorities have increased their efforts to regulate and monitor crypto-currency operations. Several global exchanges now require identification to register on their websites. With officials currently forming blockchain research groups and crafting Bitcoin regulation.

Top 3 Bitcoin Exchange without verification

Even though a clear majority of popular Bitcoin exchanges require identification, there are still a few that enable buying and selling without identity verification. The Bitcoin users are not required to verify their identity to use these platforms and it’s optional to verify the identity. There is an option to upload a state-issued identification card, driving license, and a phone number. Here, I have mentioned the top 3 Bitcoin Exchange without verification.

Wall of Coins

The Wall of Coins, Sarasota-based Bitcoin marketplace is also a peer-to-peer exchange that enables no identity verification. The cash-to-bitcoin exchange platform is available in many countries around the world, including Canada, Brazil, Germany, Latvia, Poland, and the Philippines. The company claims that it has top level security with all Bitcoin reserves held in cold storage.



Bitquick is another cash-to-bitcoin operation that offers an optional identity verification process. Also, the Bitquick platform is like Wall of Coins and allowing people to purchase and sell bitcoin. Sellers just advertise their sales and buyers deposit cash into one of Bitquick’s escrow bank accounts. Moreover, the company uses Bitgo’s multi-signature wallet framework and has a proof-of-reserve system.



Bitsquare, the decentralized bitcoin exchange founded in 2014. It is unique because it claims to have no vital point of failure and requires no identification. The exchange offers digital currency trading against national currencies such as the USD, EUR, GBP etc and trades in altcoins also. Moreover, the platform is a desktop application where users can advertise the buying and selling of various digital- currencies Users can remain completely unidentified on the platform as communication is streamlined.


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