B21 Launches Cryptocurrency Investment App In India

B21, a company dealing in investments in crypto assets, has launched an app to invest in and manage cryptocurrency portfolios in India. B21 founders say India can make a significant contribution to the development of crypto and the emerging blockchain ecosystem.

02 July, 2020, | AtoZ MarketsThe Indian Supreme Court reversed the cycle issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) four-month ago, which banned banks from servicing crypto traders, exchanges, and other companies that handle cryptocurrencies. Based on that, the crypto business continues to show interest in the Indian market by attracting users through products like mobile apps. Nitin Agarwal, Founder and Director B21 also said:

 “Banning cryptocurrency only serves to curb innovation. Crypto and decentralized systems are at the forefront of the next big technological advancement in human history. Cryptocurrency and blockchain systems have yet to reach their full potential, and we are keen to help the mass market access to these attractive investment sectors.”

B21 Cryptocurrency Investment and Management App in India

Yesterday, B21 investment firm announced the launch of the B21 cryptocurrency investment app in India. Moreover, Traders and investors can buy and manage their portfolio of cryptocurrencies directly from their mobile phones. The app also supports investments from as little as 2,000 INR (USD 25) on a transaction. It can be carried out under one asset, such as Bitcoin or as part of a custom investment portfolio. Indian users can also invest in using local fiat money or local payment methods. Moreover, Nitin Agarwal said:

“India is fast becoming a major market for digital asset investing. The use of mobile technology expands alongside an interest in alternative asset classes. B21 is proud to provide a method by which people can easily invest in digital assets directly from their mobile phones without having to learn how to navigate complex trading exchanges or managing their private keys. We are also excited to launch our local Indian payment methods which will make investing even easier and more efficient.”

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