Axiory Director of Sales Discusses Broker’s Partnership Program

In this exclusive interview with AtoZ Markets, Axiory director of sales Sylvia Vassilev will discuss the broker’s partnership program and its brand new $1000 CPA plan.

December 2, 2020, | Axiory – With over $6 trillion in average daily turnover, the forex industry is a massively lucrative market and one that attracts many ambitious affiliates and introducing brokers. Finding the right broker to partner with is a keystone factor that determines a partner’s success.

In this exclusive interview with Axiory’s Director of Sales Sylvia Vassileva, we take a closer look at one of the industry’s most competitive programs and get insights on how to choose the right broker to partner with, no matter how much experience you have.

AtoZ Markets: First, briefly walk us through the history of Axiory’s Partnership program and how it’s developed over the years.

Sylvia Vassileva: When we launched our first partnership program, our goal was to offer our clients multiple highly competitive products and services. We wanted to prove to our existing and potential partners that they can rely on us for long term partnerships.  Over the years, we designed and developed different programs for our partners based on their way of conducting business. These programs have evolved over the years, becoming more versatile, flexible, and customized for different partners’ needs.

We’ve always believed that because the world of forex is a fast-moving organism, the best way to move forward is by listening to the needs of our partners and continuing to provide them with diverse and competitive business opportunities.

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AtoZ Markets: What advantages does Axiory’s partnership program offer affiliates and IBs today?

Sylvia Vassileva: We’ve always delivered a competitive trading and partnership experience to our clients, providing them with a high level of transparency and quality of services.

The competitive advantage, however, is beyond the features and numbers; having come from a small team that’s grown over the last decade, we’ve mastered the ability to listen closely and tend to the needs of each partner that chooses Axiory.

The numbers are there, and they work in our partners’ favor, but success is in the nitty-gritty details, like marketing support to promote a campaign that could work in one region but not another, direct communication which allows space for creativity and business to merge leading to successful endeavors.

Our close relationship with our partners has enabled us to design programs and offer a wide range of products that allow them to choose their own way of doing business. This customizable approach, combined with our professional and high-quality support, has proven to be our main distinguishing advantage and the best recipe for building successful partnerships.

AtoZ Markets: Tell us more about the $1000 CPA payout plan, which happens to be one of the most competitive in the industry?

Sylvia Vassileva: We’ve worked very hard on the launch of our CPA program. We wanted to make sure it offers our partners a fair payout for their cooperation and that it reflected how much we valued their contribution. Our 2-tier payout (2x $500) ensures that every one of our partners has a competitive advantage and knows that we understand and appreciate the hard work they do.

At the end of the day, our number one goal has always been to build long-term relationships with each one of our partners, and our CPA payout plan is just one of the steps we’re taking to begin that relationship.

AtoZ Markets: Do your programs cater to inexperienced partners, and if so how would Axiory be their ideal choice?

Sylvia Vassileva: Regardless of their experience level, all our partners get our full attention and care. We have well-trained teams dedicated to providing our partners with any support and a CPA advice they need, regardless of their experience level. They also have access to a partner area with easy to use promotional material that can simply be placed on their websites and shared with their contacts.

Regardless of a partner’s experience, we make sure they get the support and training needed to gain valuable experience and expertise that will help them grow their business.

AtoZ Markets: What advice would you give partners who want to make the most of Axiory’s partnership programs?

Sylvia Vassileva: The best advice I can give any partner is to work hard and learn as much as they can. In order to succeed in this business, like any business, a great work ethic is required. If the partner is up to the task, then they can rest assured that we’ll be right at their side, working just as hard if not harder, to help them reach their goals. Our motto is simple; we only succeed if our partners succeed.

AtoZ Markets: What should partners expect from Axiory in the near future?

Sylvia Vassileva: We’re constantly updating our technology, and evolving towards a more modernized and diverse environment. 2020 has been a busy year with many developments and upgrades for both clients and partners, including the launch of the $1000 CPA plan and the 50% bonus for all traders, starting from December 2020.

Many new products and services are in the pipeline and everyone can expect exciting new releases as we enter 2021 and celebrate our 10 year anniversary along with our partners and traders. As we grow, our partners can expect to grow with us. So I’d tell them to stay tuned!

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The Axiory brand was launched in 2011 and has since become an industry leader serving traders around the world. The broker has created a savvy, friendly, and intuitive space for accessing the forex and CFDs market, where clients’ needs always come first. Axiory traders have access to excellent trading conditions, unique risk management tools, tier-1 liquidity, and the constant support of an international, highly professional, and extremely friendly team, under an IFSC licensed broker.

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