$5M USD Venture Capital Fund Launched by B2Broker Group

August 26, 2021, | AtoZ Markets-B2Broker Group has launched a venture fund under the name of B2Broker VC. Led by one of the industry’s most successful, fast-growing fintech groups with solid experience in different sectors such as IT development and capital management, the venture fund will allow for the investment and nurturing of external projects that are of interest. These include fintech startups and payment systems, which in partnership will create group synergies.

First Ventures

In 2017, as with other technology industry giants, B2Broker Group started to work towards building its own internal corporate venture fund focusing on the development of several projects. Fast forward to 2021 and the capitalization of the fund has steadily grown to include various projects into which $15 million has so far been invested. The project has allowed a modern financial and technological ecosystem to be developed based on the B2Broker group.

B2BinPay, a payment solution launched in 2017, is of special focus as it has emerged to be one of the most technologically advanced platforms globally, B2BX, an EU licensed digital assets trading platform, Eqwire, an innovative digital banking solution and finally, B2Prime, a Europe and CIS licensed integrated liquidity provider which is the group’s most expensive and complex project to date.

External Projects

Having gained substantial experience from working on these internal projects, together with the various business processes developed over time, B2Broker VC moved onto an investment in external projects. Coinsbuy is one of these projects which was designed to handle the increasing demand for purchasing crypto with credit and debit cards. The project perfectly complements B2Broker’s ecosystem.

During this process, B2Broker VC pinpointed sectors that were of interest including fintech, IT development, and automation, along with startups with product offerings for the brokerage sphere.

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Procedures and Stages

One of the main considerations for the group is that its potential partners exhibit conscientiousness, a strong vision, and an excellent understanding of the market. B2Broker VC considers companies in receipt of investment as long-term partners who together will work towards market leadership in the relevant sectors.

B2Broker VC looks for the best and most convenient way to invest and cooperate via equity holding and convertible loans to facilitate the terms of cooperation in terms of flexibility.

To apply for funding, companies are required to follow a step-by-step series of procedures involving application forms and document preparation. To follow this will be a product performance evaluation, additional questions, meetings, and assessments before a final decision being taken. Once several documents and agreements are signed, the first tranche of investment will be released in a process taking approximately 2-6 months.

Projects that are likely to be of interest to B2Broker VC are those matching the group’s goals and business model. These include:

  • Fintech development: Products and services for Forex, securities, derivatives, CFD, and crypto markets.
  • IT development: Development of payment systems, trading and brokerage platforms, risk management systems, analytical systems. 

We are particularly interested in companies that have Bridges Technology and plugins for MT4/5, Trading Platforms for FX/CFD trading, and those who have built trading platforms for Crypto Perpetual Futures, Crypto Spot trading, and Securities trading on Exchanges. We are also looking for HUB and liquidity aggregation solutions and technology for market making on crypto exchanges.

  • Automation: Products in the field of automation of external systems and process automation services.
  • Products/services are suitable for B2Broker's ecosystem such as KYC solutions, marketing services, products, and services for the brokerage market.

Companies that come through the selection process will be handed the key to developing their company which will include financial input together with access to the group’s infrastructure, offices, and development services with the best financial and marketing expertise.


B2Broker VC considers every application carefully and examines each mechanism of cooperation regardless of company size and experience amongst its founders.

To submit your application and become a global leader with B2Broker VC email us at vc@b2broker.com or visit our website.

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