12 November NY cut DTCC FX option expiries

The following are the 12 November NY cut DTCC FX option expiries at 10 am Eastern time:

  • EURUSD at 1.1000 for 1.5 billion
  • EURUSD at 1.1025 for 537 million
  • EURUSD at 1.1075 for 835 million

All expiries are in Euro sum.

What is Forex Option?

Forex option is a contract, which gives a buyer the right to buy one currency at the pre-determined time and price. At the same time, the option seller receives a fee for the option contract.

Forex options are divided into Put and Call options.

  • A put option grants the right to sell;
  • A call option grants the right to buy.

How to use FX option expiries

In general if the market price is less than 70 pips shy of the expiry price and there is no other important fundamental announcement, the price is likely to advance towards the expiration price.

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So, assuming that today's EURUSD FX option expiry is at 1.10 and the price is at 1.1045, then it is likely that EURUSD will be under bearish pressure.

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