Insane Quarterly Results From Ground-breaking Copy-trading Tool

Results are in from AtoZ nominated trading tool, gains verified through total transparency in report and breakdown. A must-read for any SERIOUS trader.

Here is what ProfitFarmers had to say on their own blog:

“Our algorithms generated over 1,357 signals in 92 days (3 months) across the various strategies.

That’s an average of 15 seed signals closing every single day for our members all around the world.

When we looked at these statistics, it just blew our minds. Why? It’s because when you break down the winners and losers we saw a massive 78% of them hitting at least target 1!

That’s 1,057 out of 1,357 signals offering up at least some profit potential! Only 22% (300) of our signals generated and vetted by the experts went directly to stop-loss.” *

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4.8/5 Review
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*Quoted from  - See more information here

So as you can see, these truly are some insane results from ProfitFarmers!

Here’s a couple of breakdowns on their top-performing trades:

The best trade between July and October

The top trades between July and October

News and Updates from ProfitFarmers

Profitfarmers is constantly improving their software and features, here are the latest additions to their groundbreaking platform.

  1. Mobile app for android devices

You can now download ProfitFarmers app for free on the Google App store. (iOS users will have to wait a little while longer)

  1. Swing trades - Long Term Trades

ProfitFarmers will now be coming out with long term trade ideas that their members can follow manually.

Academy with helpful information

This is really awesome! There is now a full educational series with more than 15 videos going over topics such as “how to use Profitfarmers” “Tips for Traders” “Tips for non-traders” and much more!

Impressive development on a one-of-a-kind copy-trading service

There are a lot of things to be excited about on ProfitFarmers. For starters, you can follow expert trading signals through Binance with the click of a button! But unlike other trading softwares and services, ProfitFarmers gives you proper guidance for making your trades through their educational content.

ProfitFarmers is a system that can help any serious trader get to the next level

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