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CSA proposes new Canadian cryptocurrency regulation

Maya Mandz | Mar. 22, 2019
The Members of the cryptocurrency community in collaboration with Canadian regulators are actively working on the new cryptocurrency regulations.
Atlas Capital Financial Services Ltd, also known as ACFX, has not fulfilled its obligations until today.
Vitalik Buterin in an interview argued why higher prices are good for the cryptocurrency industry. Higher prices are good for security and ecosystem.
The Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers together with ASIC officials has recently executed a search warrant on another possible Forex broker scam
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey posts Crypto engineer jobs
Amandeep Sonewane | Mar. 22, 2019
After posting crypto engineer jobs for Square, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey proved that he is now a big fan and supporter of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
Gold still remains under bearish pressure. From Elliott wave perspective, if price dips below 1303, a new 5-wave dip to 1260 might have been triggered.
The Cyber-security department of Palo Alto Networks called Unit 42, has identified set of malware against Israeli-based Fintech companies.
Iconic Lab is the first decentralised Venture Capital group in the world. Learn how Iconic Lab helped Blockchain startups fundraise €20 million in 2018.
Abu Dhabi will be participating in a $100m STO prior to entering the London Stock Exchange the next year.
Facebook blockchain includes new products
Maya Mandz | Mar. 21, 2019
Facebook continues to replenish the team of its blockchain division. The social media giant has announced that it plans to hire another specialist.
Bitcoin is retesting 4000 and requires a stronger momentum to see it off to 4200. A triangle pattern from 3300 is getting narrower at the mouth.
Crude oil price surges above $60
Squared Direct | Mar. 21, 2019
Crude oil price is still surging to extend its impressive run by breaking above the $60 mark. What can traders expect next?