Yagub Rahimov's Simple Trading Strategy

After our "Trading Greece" webinar I have received multiple requests on "How do I make sure that my winning ratio (92%) is above my losing ratio (8%)?

The answer is very simple: I follow the trend

From the very first day that I have been mastering Forex science, I have learned that "TREND IS YOUR FRIEND", hence I follow my best friend in this unforgiving Forex world.

The next question I received from more than 40 traders was if I could provide any strategy that could enable the newcomers to maximize their returns. Although this question has been asked to me hundreds of thousands of time and every time the answer I have given was "NO" this time.

I took my two weeks investigating my resources to develop a "Simple Trading Strategy" which would require no market knowledge and would work with a check-box to qualify entries yes, you heard it right!

I know there are many of you out there who believes that there is such thing called Holly Grail, however, I don't believe in such thing, nor intend to find one, hence this strategy. I have managed to develop will only have a maximum of 70% winning probability and as usual, we will use my 1/1.5 risk-reward ratio by using 1% risk per entry with a maximum of 3 entries per day on EURUSD and GBPUSD.

If we make simple math, assuming that the strategy will generate 1.5 entry per day on average for 20 days (1 month), we should be expecting to have 30 entries per month, even in the worst case may you have all of your entries as losing you should be facing maximum of 30% draw-down.

If you manage to get things right only 50% of the time you would be looking for a monthly return of 7.5% which would end up generating 138% return per annum.

Did you like this strategy?

Although Simple Trading Strategy was initially intended to go for only 500 traders, due to massive demand we have decided to make it public for a limited time. Download your strategy now! As a professional trader, Yagub Rahimov believes that education should be free of charge, thus he strives for delivering quality information free of charge to his followers.

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