ShmenTrendline indicator for MT4

ShmenTrendline indicator automatically draws trend lines on all pairs and time-frames depending on the minimum amount of touchpoints and tolerance between the trend line and a bar chosen.

Adjustable variables: Mintouchp; Minimum bars in line for a trend line. Lookback; Number of candles to calculated trend lines from. Shortest; Shortest line allowed, measured in bars. Breaktime; Number of the most recent bars to neglect in order to better see a breakout. Max lines; Maximum allowed number of drawn trend lines on the same chart. Tol; Tolerance allowed for spillover and touchpoints. TolP; Period of bars used for the calculation. MinD; Minimum distance allowed from line for each candles rebound. Anglefilter; "True" value will result in upper lines to be drawn downward and lower lines drawn upward only. Maxage; Maximum bars in the past allowed for the last touch point

How to Install ShmenTrendline indicator on MT4

How to install your indicator on MT4 platform:

1. Click on Download button below;

2. Save the file to your computer;
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3. Move the .mq4 files into the following folder : meta traderexpertsindicators;

4. Restart your Metatrader platform;

5. Click the “Indicators” button in Metatrader toolbar;

6. Select “Custom”;

7. Search and select “ShmenTrendline”;

8. Adjust settings or press OK to add the indicator to your selected chart;

Note: ShmenTrendline indicator is developed by Bendo and was sent by an AtoZ Markets follower from the United Kingdom, Andrew. AtoZ Markets does not carry any copyrights over this trading tool.

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  1. Therese Leignel says:

    May I know if Shmen trendline indicator for MT4 works for indices? I only trade the Dow. Thank you. Therese

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