Lopez Impulse Indicator; Find true breakouts

Lopez Impulse indicator calculates volatility and price directional movement simultaneously to identify the true price breakouts and eliminate any indecisive and sudden price fluctuations which are often mistaken for a breakout. Trading with the Lopez Impulse indicator you will be able to increase your profitability by better understanding the market and avoid any false breakouts.

How to trade with Lopez Impulse indicator

The blue and red histograms represent the bullish and bearish impulses respectively. While the gray histogram projects the current volatility and the blue dotted moving average is the average volatility.

Lopez Impulse indicator example (click to zoom in) When the bullish impulse exceeds the average volatility you can expect the pair to appreciate. While when the bearish impulse exceeds the average volatility you could expect the bears to take over. It’s worth noting that the indicator has alerts implemented and it does not repaint or backpaint.

Download Lopez Impulse indicator

You can download Lopez Impulse indicator for free by clicking the “Download” button located at the top right corner.

Create your custom indicator

If you would like to create your own custom indicator, please contact AtoZ team. Also, don’t miss out on various other indicators you can find here.

How do you install an indicator on MT4?

In order to install this indicator on your MT4, you need to: 1. Click on “Download” button above to download Lopez Impulse indicator; 2. Save the the file to your computer; 3. Extract and move the .ex4 file into: MQL4 Indicators; 4. Restart your Metatrader platform; 5. Click “Indicators” button in Metatrader toolbar; 6. Select “Custom”; 7. Search and select “PZ Lopez Impulse indicator; 8. Adjust settings or press OK to add the indicator to your selected chart;

How to allow .DLL imports on MT4?

You might be asked to allow to import .DLL files to your MetaTrader 4. To do so, go to Tools>>Options>> Expert Advisors tab on the platform menu and tick the “Allow DLL imports” field. Also, check allow DLL imports on the indicator’s settings window.

Note: PZ Lopez Impulse indicator was developed by Pointzero Trading and was sent by an AtoZ Markets follower from Belarus Natasha. AtoZ Markets does not carry any copyrights over this trading tool.

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