Forex Fractal MT4 trading strategy

Forex Fractal MT4 trading strategy is a simple system that uses just one indicator but has approximately 80% profitability when tested as an EA.

How to trade with Fractal 4H strategy

For the Forex Fractal MT4 trading strategy you will need just one classical indicator, it‘s a Fractal indicator. You can easily find this indicator in the MetaTrader 4 platform, but we have included it in the download section just in case.

Forex Fractal MT4 trading strategy preview (click to zoom in) The most recommended pair to use this strategy on is EURUSD and USDJPY on H4 timeframe. But it can also be used on other main Forex pairs and timeframes. For a Fractal trading strategy that uses Bollinger Bands as a filter check Bollinger Bands and Fractal system.

Conditions to buy

When Fractal will appear above a candle, place a buy stop pending order on candle high where the fractal formed.

Conditions to sell

Conversely, when Fractal will appear below a candle, place a sell stop pending order on candle low where the fractal formed.

Stop loss, take profit, trailing stop, order expiration time:

Stop-loss level should be set immediately after placing an order. The recommended stop loss is 14pips. Take profit level should be set immediately as well. Recommended take profit is 14 or 21 pips. The recommended trailing stop is 5 pips. You can set trailing stops easily for each order in MetaTrader 4 like in the example. Lastly, the recommended expiration time is 8 days for each order. It‘s advisable no to place additional orders nearby for them to crossover.

Forex Fractal MT4 trading strategy

Download Forex Fractal MT4 trading strategy

You can download the Forex Fractal MT4 trading strategy for free by clicking the “Download” button located at the bottom of the screen.

Create your own custom EA or indicator

If you would like to create your own custom indicator or an EA, please contact the AtoZ team saying “I want to create my own EA/indicator,” and describing your desired tool. Also, don’t miss out on various other indicators and EAs you can find in our database here.

How do you add MT4 trading strategy?

In order to install Forex Fractal mql trading strategy on your MT4, you need to:

1. Click “Download” button above to download Fractal trading strategy;

2. Save the the file to your computer;

3. Extract and move the files into:

4. Restart your Metatrader platform;

5. Click “Indicators” button in Metatrader toolbar;

6. Select “Custom”;

7. Search and select “Fractal”.mql indicators;

8. Adjust settings or press OK to add the two indicators to your selected chart;

Note: This indicator was developed by T. Morris. AtoZ Markets does not carry any copyrights over this trading tool.

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