Fibonacci Miracle Trading System (indicator+template)

Fibonacci Miracle indicator is a Forex custom indicator to be used on MT4. You can download Fibonacci Miracle Trading System including indicator and the template for free and use it in your trading strategy. Although the system is quite easy to understand and to set up, it is recommendable to combine the Fibonacci Miracle indicator with 50 period and 200 period SMA on hourly chart for maximized results.

Fibonacci Miracle indicator will help you to eliminate the noise in the market and combined with the 50 and 200 period SMA traders will get the opportunity to see and spot the entry points by simply following the trend instead of going against the trend. Fibonacci Miracle Trading System will plot entry position, stop loss level and two take profit levels, one being average and second one being aggressive.

How to set up your strategy?

  • Drag and drop Fibonacci Miracle indicator from the Fibonacci Miracle Trading System WinRAR file to your indicators folder on your MT4
  • Drag and drop Fibo+MA.tpl file from the same WinRAR file to your templates folder on your MT4
  • Restart your MT4
  • Right click with your mouse on your chart and select “Template”.

Fibo+MA Fibonacci Miracle Trading System was sent to us by our user Jeffrey Pang from Malaysia. does not carry any right over this system. Do you have a reliable indicator, template or EA? Would you like to share it with our users?

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