Forex CCI with PRSI trading strategy

Forex CCI with PRSI trading strategy is a part of the MT4 trading system that uses a trend momentum breakout system with an indicator to determine the range. But use when you are expert with this system.

CCI with PRSI indicator works on any currency pair and we recommend to use it on H1 and higher frame. CCI with PRSI indicator also works on binary options high/low.

Using CCI with PRSI trading strategy

PRSI and PCCI indicator are used to transform the accumulated history data. Also, PRSI and PCCI indicator provide an opportunity to detect various patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the naked eye. Based on this information, traders can assume further price movement and adjust their strategy accordingly. Moreover, it may give some false signal in the volatile market. But this template always offers a new opportunity for gain.

Forex CCI with PRSI trading strategy

Buy Strategy: Open positions when the CCI cross the line at level -10 and observe the ranges for market sentiment and price direction (downtrend). Always place buying call when the Joker filter is in red bar and the price is below the daily open line.

Sell Strategy: Book profit target 10-20 pips depending on your target, time frame, and currency pairs. You should place the initial stop loss on the previous swing.

Forex CCI with PRSI trading strategy

Download CCI with PRSI Indicator and Trading system

You can download CCI with PRSI Indicator and trading system for free by clicking the “Download” button located at the top right corner.

Create your own custom EA or indicator

If you would like to create your own custom indicator or an EA, please contact AtoZ team saying “I want to create my own EA/indicator,” and describing your desired tool. Also, don’t miss out on various other indicators and EAs you can find in our database here.

How do you install an indicator?

In order to install CCI with PRSI Indicator on your MT4, you need to:

1. Click on “Download” button above to download CCI with PRSI Indicator;

2. Save the file to your computer;

3. Extract and move the files into ;

4. Restart your Metatrader platform;

5. Navigate to “Templates”;

6. And select “CCI with PRSI ” template to apply it on the chart;

Note: CCI with PRSI trading system was developed by Janus Trader and sent by an AtoZMarkets follower from Netherlands, Jun. AtoZForex does not carry any copyrights over this trading tool.


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