AtoZ Markets Lot Calculator – Risk management tool

Risk management is probably the main reason why people make and lose money in Forex market. If you follow the right path you will control your losses, minimize them and maximize your returns.

AtoZ Markets Lot Calculator excel sheet is a simple offline trading tool that will enable you to use the right lot size for every entry you make.

How to use AtoZ Markets Lot Calculator

To be able to use AtoZ Markets Lot Calculator you must use the following simple steps:

1- Enter your balance

2- Determine your allowable risk ratio for your entry

3- Enter your TP, SL and entry points respectively

3.1- You must use the Red Sell order section for sell orders

3.2- You must use the green Buy order section for Buy orders

4- check price per point for each pair you trade, to calculate price per point divide pip value by 10.

This is of course not everything you need, you need to follow the right Money Management methodology. We at AtoZ Markets follow a 1 / 1.5 risk-reward ratio. Risk reward ratio is used by traders and investors to calculate their expected returns of a specific entry to the amount of risk undertaken to capture these returns. In general the smaller your RR ratio, the better chance you have standing against draw-downs.


If you are trading JPY pairs, Gold, Silver, Oil and other commodities as well as indices you must use the section for 2 – 3 digit If you are trading traditional 4-5 digit currency pairs and other trading instruments you must follow the lot size given for 4 – 5 digit currency pair.

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