How to Create Your Ripple (XRP) Wallet- Types and Steps

Are you concerned about where to keep your coins? Then learn the types and steps for you to easily create a safe and reliable Ripple XRP wallet.

November 29, 2018 AtoZ Markets - Ripple, coded as XRP, is most often referred to as a promising digital currency, that has proved itself in the digital currency market, which many investors have recently turned to the Ripple wallet today.

In this guide, we are going to mention some of the most popular ripple wallets, in which one deposits their ripples in.

1-   Rippex ripple wallet:

Which is said to be the first wallet that showed up in the market, and is, therefore, the official Ripple Wallet.

Rippex is a free wallet that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. The wallet also provides you with the storage of XRP modules that you purchased on your computer. The software comes in flavours, according the device type and operating system you use.

After selecting the device type, you will be forwarded to the loading tab. the download will begin within a few seconds, and then the installation process starts once the download is complete, which depends on the type of internet connection you have, and definitely the actual speed of it.

Follow the installation instructions, then finish and open the wallet.

Once you have opened the wallet, you need to create a new account, which in turn will prompt you to provide a passport of your choice. Usually, the password should be difficult to guess by others, so definitely you will not want to create a password that is a combination of your birthdate or the postal number!

The previous step is very much case sensitive, since if you happen to forget your password, you won’t be able to recover it again, which means, your ripples have gone with the wind!

So, for safety reasons, we highly recommend that you store your password somewhere you have access to, and maybe better print it out as well, so you have two versions of means you kept your password in: electronic, by saving your password somewhere on your computer and phone, and as a hard copy you can keep it somewhere dry and away from reach but you.

You will now receive your account information and you must save it all. The wallet address is usually a set of uninterpretable combinations of letters, as follows: rwebTT8kyDtCJKf6QDPr6DP4JjSfDRARRq and you must save the secret code which is usually like the following as well: sp8238t6RWBdMqfpeFxZG1k3qUYNR.

After saving the data, click on "Yes, I saved my secret key". This will create an account on this wallet and you can use it at any time.

2-   Gatehub Ripple XRP wallet

Using Gatehub, a very powerful security system that is sometimes flawed, you are required to activate the account by sending a copy of your ID card, proof of residence, and waiting for the account to be approved, which will allow you a space for consideration.

The large number of commissions when selling and withdrawing in that wallet is considered to be one of its faults.

To start the process, you have to go to, from which you can start creating your Gatehub wallet.

Create a new account on the aforementioned platform, and enter the email and password you will be prompted for, and remember that the password should be a strong one and difficult to guess, and then come to the email verification link, we enter the link and login through it.

You get the Recovery Key, which once again we strongly advise to save on your computer and store it in a safe place, where for instance you can save on to your Google Drive account, or on an external storage device, for an extra layer of protection, taking into consideration any surprising failure of the internal hard drive on your PC, since those measures will be your ONLY lifebuoy in case you forgot your GateHub account’s credentials.

Once the first step is complete, you can now sign in to your GateHub account to go through the verification phase, where you will be requested to enter your phone number and country in order to get the PIN code in an SMS message, you can skip the other steps including assigning a personal photo, even though it is recommended to complete the steps required to set up the account in an orderly manner.

You will be asked to provide any documents or financial or bank documents to verify your account, so please do. If you do not have any documents, you can skip the verification simply, and this is not going to affect the process of storing the balance in the account, supposedly.

After you complete the steps mentioned above, click on “Connect A Gateway”, in the home page and select Ripple.

After that, you will be able to send your Ripples to your wallet by pressing on the “Deposit / Receive” button, where you will get your Ripple address, which in return will be sent to the currencies you bought.

3-   CoinPayments Ripple XRP Wallet

CoinPayments is a wallet that does not require you to prove your identity by official papers, and is based in Canada, which is reputable, supports many digital currencies, and is easy to use.

You have to register on the website first, as usual, doing the ordinary drill of entering your username, email, strong password, and then going through the human verification process by entering the letters and numbers shown in the image.  Agree to the terms and conditions of the site after that, and you are done.

When you sign in, you can access your Wallet section and you will find a large list of the digital currencies supported by the platform.

Click on the green button in front of the RIBL in the XRP. You will find many options. Click on “Deposit / Receive”. You will find another page. You will have to press the green button to obtain a special address for receiving this currency.

A Deposit Address will be then given to you - XRP The address at the top that comes in the form of: rCoinaUERUrXb1aA7dJu8qRcmvPNiKS3d is your address, which you will be asked for by the site you are going to buy your ripples from.

After that, you will be asked to enter what is so-called a “Destination Tag”, and it also appears on the same page as 1400073363, which is all you need to find to verify that what you bought of ripples arrived actually in your wallet after a few minutes or immediately.

4-   Ledger Nano device

One of the most popular hardware wallets that supports ripple, which equipped with a screen, easy to use and can be connected to any computer. It is one of the cheapest types of wallets, making it more popular in the digital currency market, and is considered the safest, and difficult to hack, with simple instructions to use for ordinary people.

As the last word, the choice is yours, and I just hope I could bring you something in summary that helps you make the right decision in your ripple trading.

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