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BitMEX Review & Rating 2024

BitMEX Review & Rating 2024

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In the world of cryptocurrency, there is a need for an exchange that can be regulated. It's no secret among those who deal with crypto and others interested in this new technology how exchanges have lacked any form or regulation up until now - it just doesn't exist!

The absence of a straightforward law to regulate this type of business leaves the door open for scams and risky dealing. Something that is common among traders concerns about whether they're opening an account with the right exchange.

We at AtoZ Markets make sure that our leading veterans in the cryptocurrency market are given a rigorous eye for study from senior management before introducing them to readers.

We are eternally grateful for the trust our readers put in us, and as a result, we've chosen to maintain an impeccable reputation.

In this review, we will talk about the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange. Is BitMEX scam or reliable cryptocurrency exchange?

BitMEX is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers traders leverage and futures trades but not in the US, making it an experienced trader's paradise for those who enjoy complex tools like contract patterns or MARCOM charts (which let you know when there will be price movements).

BitMEX is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows traders to trade cryptocurrencies with up-to 100x leverage. This platform only supports few coins but it's one of the most popular exchanges for Futures trading due to its low transaction fees and advanced features like short selling or margin lending which other platforms don't provide yet. In addition, Bitmex also has an important advantage over traditional crypto exchanges in terms of security as users do not need physical access towards their funds during unpacking times unlike on some sites where you must confirm ownership by USB.

How to Open an Account with BitMEX?

  1. To Sign up, start by providing your email address and password. Once verified, you can set up two-factor authentication with a third party app such as Google Authenticator to keep yourself more secure.
  2. Next, you will need to verify your identity. This includes providing a photo of a government-issued ID and submitting an address update with the selfie option enabled for extra security.
  3. Lastly, you can start trading by depositing crypto into your account.

Products and Features


Whatever your reason for trading cryptocurrencies, BitMEX has the perfect product to get you started. You can start a crypto exchange account and trade directly with other users instead of having use third party services like Coinbase or Bitstamp.

BitMEX is a robust, secure platform for all your trading needs. The exchange offers contract settlement and security tools that keep you safe from threats like hacking or malware infections on the web browser-based interface as well as mobile apps designed specifically to work with Android devices.

P2P Trading: BitMEX is a cryptocurrency exchange that encourages P2P trading. The process of using their service can be streamlined by allowing you to buy and sell coins directly with other users, eliminating the need for third party services like Coinbase or LocalBitcoins in order make sure your transactions go through without getting stuck at an anti-fanatic stop loss limit order price which might never reach even close proximity if it's lower than what was set out initially.

Perpetual Contracts: In the event that a currency's value rises or falls against another country’s fiat money, you can trade futures contracts to maintain your holding consistent with this rise/fall. BitMEX offers perpetual agreements which means they will never expire and allow traders more flexibility when it comes time for sell-off position at any given moment before maturity (so long as he doesn't close out entire trades). Hold onto your investments for as long as possible with no expiry dates on agreements! This feature allows you to sell shares when they are worth the most, which means that instead of liquidating at a less opportune time.

Multifactor Security: With BitMEX, you can rest assured that your funds are safe. With multisignature withdrawal authorization and PGP encryption to hide data from malicious hackers in case something does go wrong.

Customizations: The solution is fully customizable to your unique business practices thanks to an application programming interface (API) support. It allows you unlock the platform’s backend code so it suits what needs doing best for yourself and company, unlocking possibilities like never before.




The company offers two-factor authentication of assets to ensure the safety. To avoid any criminal activity, they also require KYC identity verification for their users. It also offers a multi-signature cold wallet where users can store their crypto assets in secure vaults that aren't connected to the internet and holds private keys for these deposits locally across various geographical locations. With 2FA, you'll be able to rest assured knowing your account is protected from hackers. The broker also supplies its customers with two factor authentication (2FA) via third party apps so they may login securely or place trades anytime without worry of being fraudulentulently accessed by someone else who might want access at any time.

Users can whitelist wallet addresses for withdrawals, however, it only allowing assets to be transferred into specific wallets. This must be requested through support and it is available on most types of cryptocurrency supported by the exchange platform.



The exchange offers low fees for trading cryptocurrency, but its fee structure can be complex due to the different types of trades available. Bitmex has multiple schedules depending on what you're doing and how much volume there was in your transaction.

Moreover, they also offer competitive fees for traders. For most users, trades cost less than 0.05% and discounts are given to high-volume traders or market makers who need it more.

The only withdrawal fee is a small network charge which doesn't go to BitMEX, but rather goes back into the mining pool.



BitMEX is a trading platform that allows its users to leverage their position. This means you can buy or sell more than what your account balance would normally allow for and may lead to higher profits if successful, but it also carries risksier bets in case things don't go as planned- which could result from this extra risk being taken on by traders with good insight into market movements.

The Margin Trading options allow you to trade with money in your wallet, which means that if something goes wrong it could be difficult. This type of trading should only happened when absolutely necessary because there's no guarantee what will happen next.

Deposits and Withdrawals


BitMEX doesn’t charge any fees when you make a withdrawal from their exchange, which is amazing because it means that they take on all of the cost burdens for processing withdrawals themselves. However, if someone wants to deposit money into an account via bitcoin then there will be some kind of transaction fee based on what network conditions are at the time.

BitMEX is a cryptocurrency exchange that only accepts deposits in bitcoin, which also serves as collateral on trading contracts. The minimum deposit amount starts at 0.001 BTC and there are no limits for withdrawals, both can be done with Bitcoins alone.

Customer Support


The exchange offers live chat support via its website and the support usually responds very fast. Users can also submit an online ticket and get high-touch customer service with dedicated client coverage managers for institutional clients.

They also doesn’t list its business hours and no phone number is available to reach customer service. Instead, traders can access articles about how the platform works as well as thorough guides from within their account settings page which will help them learn more advanced trading options that may be complex for beginners.


BitMEX is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers futures and options on top of Bitcoin trading. It’s one of the world's most advanced platforms for traders looking to monetize their skills or simply invest in emerging markets without having too much technical know hows.

The team at BitMEX has created a platform where traders can access low-cost futures and margin trading with unique options such as perpetual swap contracts. They offer up to 100x leverage on some products, which means that even if you have only $1k in your account it will be enough for large trades.

BitMEX is a great choice for traders that have access to high-frequency trading bots and want advanced features like custom indicators.

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